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Take your vehicle data seriously, and be more aware that it's often collected without your knowledge.

The Camping and Caravanning Club has thrown its weight behind a campaign called My Car My Data, launched to raise awareness around the subject of data that vehicles are able to track and transmit.

Modern cars are fitted with more devices than ever before that can create a driver profile, such as the number of trips taken and the distances travelled.

The devices can also collect data on your vehicle location, your trip length and even personal information synced from a mobile phone, and transmit all of this information back to the manufacturer.

This information can be used to help manufacturers increase the safety, sustainability and ease of use of their products. It can also help emergency services to rescue a driver and their passengers after a crash, tailor commercial offers to the driver's trip or warn drivers when maintenance is needed on their car.

Independent research

The My Car My Data campaign is based on new and independent research commissioned by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

It reveals exactly what data is being collected by connected cars and how the public in the UK and other European countries react to this tracking. The message is to take your vehicle data seriously, and be more aware that it's often collected without your knowledge.

The campaign calls for greater awareness of vehicle data protection and has two elements.

First is a Public survey of awareness about connected cars and data protection. Findings were released from across 12 European countries, including around 1,000 replies from the UK. UK findings revealed:

  • Low overall awareness of the issues around car data (19%).
  • 6% already own a car offering connectivity features
  • 30% would appreciate a car with an internet connection.
  • 90% would be happy to share information about vehicle breakdown diagnostics
  • 49% were happy to share their telephone activity
  • 91% are concerned about disclosure of private information and commercial use of personal data

The second element of the campaign reveals the findings of a ‘Technical Test’, which identified the data being sent by a typical conventionally-fuelled connected car and an electric connected car, and the potential uses of that data.

Help spread the word

Rob Ganley, the Club’s Senior Communications Manager, said: “The FIA is dedicated to protecting the rights and interest of all road users throughout the world, and the Club is a member of its Mobility arm. Tow cars and light commercial vehicles are essential ingredients for touring caravan and motorhome holidays, so this just as important a topic for our members as it is for everyday motorists. The sharing of driver mobility habits should only happen with full and informed driver consent.”

Help spread the word and introduce vehicle data into the Data Protection debate.

Visit the official website:, or download further information below.