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The Outjoyment Report

The Outjoyment Report was commissioned by The Camping and Caravanning Club and carried out by Liverpool John Moores and Sheffield Hallam Universities. It analyses the results of a comprehensive literature review and a survey of nearly 11,000 campers and non campers.

Here's a small selection of the findings.

Did you know campers are...


97% of campers say happiness is their top motivator for going camping while 48% of campers reported feeling happy almost every day, compared with 35% of non campers.


44% are flourishing (have optimal mental health) compared with 31% of non campers. This increases for those who camp more often.

...less anxious

91% go camping because it makes them feel relaxed. Campers are 23% less anxious than non campers. outdoors

98% of campers take part in outdoor activities. 91% go walking, 39% cycle and 26% enjoy bird-watching, for example.

The results of The Outjoyment Report show how beneficial camping can be, with the potential to improve well-being, mental health, a sense of community and more. This confirms and builds on research done by The Camping and Caravanning Club in 2011, which culminated in the Real Richness Report.

We are working towards a society in which camping and outdoor experiences play a full part in building a happier, healthier nation. We know camping can provide life-enhancing and accessible experiences, and provides a unique gateway to the great outdoors.

The Camping and Caravanning Club is seeking to work in partnership with those who share its passion and ambitions. The goal is to raise the profile of camping and the countryside, to make enjoyment of the outdoors a reality for as many people as possible and to secure a sustainable future, making sure our world-class outdoor experiences are here for future generations.

You can read our impact report for The Outjoyment Report, which includes key findings, how the study was carried out, and its credentials below.

For an in-depth look at the subject, you can also read the full academic report below.


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