Tent Camping Insurance - why you should think about it

CCI Camping Square CTAJust 11% of campers who responded to our recent camping survey take out insurance to protect themselves should anything go wrong during their camping holiday.

With a whopping 89% of respondents camping uninsured, the majority of these campers said that organising camping insurance had never even crossed their minds.

So why is this?

While it may be true that camping equipment these days is relatively cheap and fairly inexpensive to replace, what about the inconvenience that this could cause you should anything happen to these items?

Don’t let your holiday be spoilt

Imagine the scene; you come home from a great day out to discover that all is not well with your tent or your equipment.

Without Tent Camping Insurance, you may find yourself having to go straight home, or spend the night in a local B&B at your own expense. Add to this the inconvenience of finding money to replace your camping equipment and tent, not to mention a group of extremely unhappy campers, you have a recipe for a holiday full of memories for all the wrong reasons!

For a smarter way to enjoy your holiday, whatever the eventuality, Tent Camping Insurance can really make a difference when you need it most, and our insurance partners Club Care, offer comprehensive camping insurance cover so that you can fully relax and enjoy your camping trip.

Club Care’s tent camping insurance benefits include:

  • Cover for loss or damage caused by accidental damage, fire, theft, storm, flood or malicious damage to your tent, providing a replacement item(s) of comparable material, quality and cost of the original item(s). (Also including some articles stored inside the tent).
  • Up to £100 per night for alternative accommodation, to a maximum of £500
  • Up to £5M public liability cover
  • European use cover for up to 240 days

CCI Camping Long CTA

Premiums from £16 per year

For such a small cost it really does make good sense to be insured, so why not get an online quote today to ensure peace of mind for you and your family throughout your next camping trip?