Camping with valuables: Getting the right possessions cover

With any camping or caravanning holiday, inevitably comes spending on equipment, and the risks of travelling with high-value possessions. Despite this, and the increasing amounts of Brits going on outdoor holidays, only 11% of campers take out insurance for a trip.

There are certain valuables that make camping trips more comfortable, such as outdoor furniture, and others that make the trip much more enjoyable, for instance, sports equipment. Having the right possessions cover can take a weight off your mind when planning, and setting off on your trip, and protect you financially if something were to happen whilst away. It’s important to understand which cover is right for you, however, before you plan your camping trip, to ensure that if the worst happens, you’re in the best possible hands.

What is possessions cover?

Possessions cover, or contents insurance, is a type of cover that insures you should any of your possessions be damaged or stolen whilst away. In some instances, it may be included in a camping insurance policy, and in others, needs to be taken out in separate cover. For example, Club Care’s Tent Camping Insurance provides cover for your contents, equipment, and personal effects.

How do I get insured abroad?

Camping abroad is a popular way of exploring different countries in the EU. Often, campers choose to travel to nations they are able to drive to— in fact, 75% go to France. It’s important that when you do go abroad, however, you check your policy offers EU cover. As part of their Tent Camping Insurance policy, Club Care offers up to 240 days of EU cover.

Can home insurance cover camping holidays?

Home insurance is based around possessions in the home. What this means is that you have up to a certain amount of contents cover for items you keep at home, which may possibly include camping equipment if you added it on. However, items taken outside aren’t always automatically covered.

For example, Club Care’s Home Insurance offers up to £150,000 in contents cover, as well as worldwide cover for personal belongings and money. You should be sure to chat through the particulars of these with your insurer as you’re taking out your policy, to be perfectly clear on what is covered, and what isn’t.

You should always check whether or not the type of insurance you’re taking out for your holiday (i.e. Tent Camping Insurance, Motorhome Insurance) covers contents, equipment, or personal effects. For instance, Club Care includes £3,500 of contents cover as standard, for all Club members with a Motorhome Insurance policy, whilst Club Care’s Caravan Insurance policy offers up to £1,500 free contents cover for Club members, if you insure for 10 years or more new for old cover.

Top tips for securing possessions

Whether you are a camping veteran or novice, things can get stolen or go missing easily from a campsite. Whilst most areas are safe, it’s always important to ensure that you are on guard and aware of your surroundings wherever you are. Here are some tips for securing possessions during a trip:

  • Have a place for all of your group’s valuables so that if you leave a tent unattended you can easily secure them, for instance, in the car or locker.
  • Look for well-lit plots with neighbours so that you feel safe, and have some security by looking out for fellow campers.
  • Steer clear of a padlock on your tent. Ultimately, if someone wanted to enter then they’d only need to slash the side, which would then cause more problems for you.

What to do if something is stolen

If something is stolen or damaged and you need to make a claim, you should report it as soon as possible to kick-start proceedings. To help your insurer get to the bottom of a problem as soon as possible you should:

  • Note the timeframes when an incident took place
  • Where you/your possessions were when it happened
  • Contact details of (eye) witnesses
  • Details of any damage done or possessions that have been taken
  • Contributing factors (such as weather)

When you have these details, you just need to call your insurer and confirm your policy number, personal details, and details of exactly what happened. From this point, they can then process the claim, and you’ll be on your way to getting your cover back.

Tent Camping Insurance with Club Care Insurance offers competitive cover and member rewards, with premiums starting at £16. Club members also enjoy a 5% discount, purely for being a member. Before you head out on your next camping adventure, get in touch with Club Care and discuss which policy options are best for you.