Home Insurance: Breaking down our policies

When the structure of your house is sound, your interior fixtures and fittings are intact, and your possessions are safe, all is well. Home Insurance enables this state of affairs to be restored.

Club Care Insurance offers buildings insurance and contents cover.

What does buildings insurance cover?

Buildings insurance covers damage to the structure of not only your home, but also other permanent buildings (such as your garage). Damage or loss due to fire or flood is covered, as is damage or loss because of storms or subsidence — and other causes, such as civil disturbance, impact by vehicles, and theft.

It’s not just your building's structure you have to consider, though. What if fixtures and fittings, such as your kitchen worktop, toilet, or bath get damaged? Our buildings cover also includes these items.

When damage occurs, it can affect more than just the item that needs replacing. If damage is caused by escaped water from your heating system, for example, Club Care’s building insurance covers not only the cost of any repairs, but also the cost of replacing any parts of the building that have been removed in order to make those repairs.

Should any accidental damage occur, a broken window or toilet, or an underground pipe or cable, you’re covered. Additionally, your liability to the public, should a third party be injured (or have their property damaged) because of your structure, is also included.

It is advisable to take out a policy if you’re a homeowner, whether you occupy your home or let it to tenants — it may be a requirement of any mortgage and/or loan you may have on your property.

What doesn’t buildings insurance cover?

Exclusions may apply in situations that are otherwise covered. If there is a storm or flood, for example, you could claim for damage to your roof, but not your fences, hedges, or gates. Other exclusions include wear and tear, and gradually occurring causes of damage. For instance, while escape of water from your heating system may be covered, damp isn’t.

It’s important that your house is occupied for most of the year, because there are certain instances that are only covered if someone is living there. If a malicious act occurs, for example, you won’t be covered if the house has been left empty. Club Care Insurance allows up to 180 days of unoccupancy, providing peace of mind when away holidaying.

You can take out full accidental damage cover, however, to give you extra peace of mind if something that wouldn’t otherwise be covered happens: putting your foot through the ceiling while in the attic, for instance. If you consider yourself accident-prone, you might wish to consider this option.

It’s vital that you are insured for the full cost of rebuilding. If this isn’t the case, your claim will be proportionally reduced. For instance, if you’re insured for only half the rebuilding cost, half of the value of your claim will be deducted.

Finally, an excess applies whenever a claim is made, so you will have to pay something. Increasing a policies’ excess will lower your premium, but you should think carefully about how much of the cost you would be able to cover, if the worst were to happen.

What does contents cover include?

Contents insurance covers loss and damage to your possessions, as a result of the same causes that apply in the case of buildings insurance. Damaged or stolen items, such as carpets and sofas, are replaced on a new for old basis. Accidental damage to audio and audio visual equipment, such as radios and televisions, is also covered.

There are other useful features, too. For instance, if you have a deep freezer that malfunctions, you are covered for the cost of replacing the damaged food within it. Have the flowers or shrubs in your garden been damaged? These are covered, too. Are you getting married? Cover is automatically increased for the month before and after the wedding, in case anything should happen to your wedding gifts. It is also increased during December, for Christmas gifts.

It’s worth taking out contents cover whether you’re an owner-occupier or a tenant. Could you afford to replace everything if there were a flood, fire, or burglary?

What does contents cover exclude?

If your cover doesn’t match the value of your contents, then — as in the case of buildings insurance — there will be a shortfall in what is paid out. For this reason, you should take an inventory of your possessions.

Do you have any high value items, such as jewellery? Make sure you specify such things when taking out your policy: should they cost more than £2500 to replace, they will be excluded unless they are specifically insured.

Full accidental damage cover is available, as well as other optional extensions to cover items that would normally be excluded, such as pedal cycles, and belongings that are in your possession when you’re not at home.

To find out more information about the right buildings or contents policy for your needs, contact Club Care Insurance. Camping and Caravanning Club members also have the option to add Emergency Assistance, which protects against sudden and unforeseen circumstances that could put you at risk.