Caravan Holiday Home Insurance for lodge and chalet owners

Holidaying in your lodge or chalet will, more often than not, lead to a very enjoyable break. However, accidents can happen, and, after all, you never know what the weather is going to be like!

Taking out a Club Care Caravan Holiday Home Insurance policy can give you the security of knowing that if something was to go wrong, you can easily put things right and enjoy the rest of your holiday and future holidays.

What is Caravan Holiday Home Insurance?

Available through Club Care Insurance, ‘Caravan Holiday Home Insurance does exactly what it says on the tin: it covers loss and damage to caravan holiday homes. Policies can also be taken out for static caravans, park homes, log cabins, lodges, and chalets – all of these fall under the ‘static caravan’ umbrella.

Besides the lodge or chalet itself, it covers a range of other important aspects, such as: balconies, storage sheds, contents, and sports equipment. Most importantly, cover is provided for you and your family as well.

Why do you need insurance for your chalet or lodge?

Depending on where you are, theft and vandalism could be potential risk factors. While you will obviously take great care to secure your property, there is always the risk that someone will deliberately, or by accident, cause damage to it, or break in and steal your possessions.
Probably not such a massive problem in the UK with our weather, but fire damage is always a possibility: in a dry summer, for example, a dropped coal from a barbecue could cause a fire that spreads quickly.

Adverse weather may cause potential problems as well: flooding, snow, and hail all have the potential to cause damage to your property. It is also important to consider where your lodge or chalet is situated: animals, such as sheep or goats, could wander on site from local farms and could cause the odd bit of damage. Whilst these are unlikely events, it is worth knowing that you will be fully covered if damage is caused.

The benefits of Caravan Holiday Home Insurance

Having insurance means that if your holiday home and its contents (such as sports equipment) are damaged, accidentally or deliberately, your policy will pay for repairs or replacements. Furthermore, Club Care Insurance offers ‘new for old’ cover if your caravan holiday home is up to 20 years old, which means that you may be eligible to receive a replacement caravan of similar make or model in the event of total loss, via damage or theft. The cost of debris removal, and re-siting and reconnection of your home, is also covered.

This may give you peace of mind, but the question of what are you going to do for the rest of your holiday remains. With Caravan Holiday Home Insurance, if you cannot stay in your lodge or chalet as a result of anything mentioned above, you are covered for alternative accommodation, as well as pitch fees that you will be paying for the time during which you cannot enjoy your holiday home.

This also applies if you’re renting out your home to holidaymakers – they will have alternative accommodation, and you can recover any loss of rent.

Caravan Holiday Home Insurance covers more than you might think

If an emergency occurs while you’re not in your holiday home, and you have to make a trip to sort out the problem, your travel costs will be covered. If the emergency services caused any damage while they were dealing with the problem, that too will be covered.

While on holiday in your lodge or chalet, but you happen to be out and about on a nice walk for instance, your policy will also cover the loss of any money or belongings that you could be carrying with you. Additionally, it will also cover loss or damage to wheelchairs, bikes, and mobility scooters.

If you happen to be staying in your chalet or lodge for the festive season, or even for a wedding, your policy will also cover any loss or damage to any gifts you may have brought – this applies to the month of December, and within 30 days of a wedding.

If you ever decide to sell your chalet or lodge, and your title deeds are missing, then you need not worry, because that problem will also be covered. Conveyancing cover is also provided, which means the buyer is covered by the policy from exchange of contracts, to completion of sale.

Taking care of you, as well as your holiday home

If, as a result of owning or using your lodge or chalet, you unfortunately suffer any physical damage, you will be covered— the same applies to your family members.

Your policy also covers your legal liability and costs if you cause injury or death to someone else, or you damage their property. The cost of compensation and legal fees can be huge, but when you have Caravan Holiday Home Insurance with up to £5million public liability cover, you have peace of mind.

With policies starting at just £82 from Club Care Insurance, it makes sense to protect your lodge or chalet – including yourself and your family. Members also receive a 5% exclusive discount on their insurance policy, as well other benefits.