Protection on a shoestring: save on Campervan Insurance without compromising your cover

As a campervan owner, keeping insurance prices down is obviously ideal, but skimping on cover could backfire, and is not the way to go about it. There are alternative methods out there. So, how can you reduce your Campervan Insurance premium whilst ensuring you have all the protection you need?

A third party fire and theft policy might save some money, but what if you’re at fault in an accident? What if you need a replacement windshield? What if you get injured? To many people, the extra protection afforded by comprehensive cover is crucial: it’s not worth putting yourself at unnecessary risk, especially when you can make significant savings on comprehensive policy premiums.

The ‘premium’ is the amount of money that you pay to your insurer for cover, and the size of this premium is affected by factors relating to the campervan itself, and the person or persons driving it.

Who you are, and what you do, could reduce your premium

Your personal characteristics and activities affect how much you pay for your insurance, so think about who will be on your policy, what your holidaying habits are, and what else you can do to reduce the burden on your wallet. For example, sporting activities can cause your premiums to go up.

Who’s driving?

Your age and driving experience will affect what you pay, so it helps if you have a driving licence free from convictions that you have held for a long time. A long no-claims history is also beneficial – four years and above of no-claims could reduce your premium by more than half.

Policyholders often add a named driver, which means driving can be shared on long trips, combating tiredness and increasing safety. However, young and inexperienced drivers may not be included on your insurance at all by a number of insurers, but if agreed, will increase the premium. Therefore, if you want to save money, it’s probably best not to add your daughter or son if they are under 25.

Where are you going?

High mileage will raise your premium, but you don’t necessarily have to go abroad to rack up the miles. Working out how many holidays you will take, calculating the round-trip mileage from your home or storage site to your destination, and adding some more miles to account for trips you will take while there, are all good practices to ensure you keep your premiums from rising more than necessary.

If you’ve owned your campervan for a few years, take a look at your MoT certificates to see the mileage recorded between tests. If your travel plans are the same as for previous years, use the differences in annual mileage as your estimate.

Are you a Camping and Caravanning Club member?

Take out membership and get an automatic discount of 5% on your Campervan Insurance. Other benefits include free European cover for up to a full year, rather than the 240-day limit offered to non-members.

New campervan replacement is available to non-members with vehicles up to two years old, but members qualify for a replacement van if theirs is up to three years old.

Personal effects cover and personal accident cover are also offered, making membership worth considering.

How you treat your campervan can bring your costs down

How you look after your campervan also has an effect on your insurance premium. Unsurprisingly, taking good care of your vehicle will benefit you. Has your campervan been modified? There’s probably not much you can do about modifications made by a previous owner. However, be careful if you’re thinking of making any of your own. ‘Chipping’ your van’s engine to increase its power may not mean a higher premium if the increase is less than 20%, and other modifications, such as converting your van to run on LPG (keeping fuel costs down) might not either– unless the cost of any such modifications dramatically increase the value.

Do you really need anything more than your van currently offers? Keep things standard, and keep your costs down.

Have you taken safety and security measures?

Not all modifications are the same. If something designed to enhance safety is fitted, it could reduce your premium.

Incorrect tyre pressures can lead to accidents: a blowout whilst driving can result in you losing control of your van. Installing a Tyrepal tyre pressure monitoring device will warn you about changes in pressure, and fitting Tyron safety bands can help keep your tyre firmly secured to the wheel – so that you can maintain control if you have a puncture.

Devices such as these will get you a discount on your premium, as will having a reversing sensor or camera, which reduces your risk of parking mishaps. If you’re a Camping and Caravanning Club member, you can get a further discount by fitting a tracking device to increase the chances of recovering your van if it’s stolen.

Where do you keep your campervan?

If it’s parked on the street, you could be paying more than necessary, whereas keeping it on your drive will offer increased protection against theft, and bring your premium down.

Alternatively, consider storing your van securely at a Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) site. This secure, CCTV-monitored storage will give you peace of mind as well as a premium discount when using their sites. As an example, you can get 10% off when storing your campervan at a gold rated site.

Club Care Insurance offers a range of competitive premiums. Get in touch and find out how we can help you find the right cover for you.