The effect of campervan modifications on insurance

For many people, owning a campervan is about the lifestyle, and so with the desire to make your campervan a comfortable home from home, modifications on these vehicles are extremely popular. As an example, VW campervans are often modified for style and performance, especially if they are vintage, but the range of modifications can vary significantly.

Campervan modifications

Vehicle modifications will usually have some effect on your insurance premium, and as a general rule, a modification is anything that has changed from the factory configuration that will affect the value of the vehicle or alter its operation. Modifications on campervans can range from window tints and bodywork modifications to the fitting of interior parts like a modern sound system or even a new engine. Big or small, any modification to your campervan should be mentioned to your insurance provider in order to ensure that your cover is valid, and it is always advisable to choose a specialist insurer for your vehicle who will understand the modifications in place and tailor policies to suit this.

Donna Joyce, team manager at Club Care Insurance advises that the most common types of campervan modifications, and their effects on insurance are:

  • LPG engine conversions; this is a process where the engine in your campervan is modified to run on LPG (liquified petroleum gas.) The benefits of undergoing an LPG engine conversion are that your campervan will run more smoothly, quietly and be cleaner, extending its life by around 30%, in addition to a much reduced cost in fuel and servicing of your campervan, and better reliability. This is a modification that should be reported to Club Care when getting a campervan insurance quote, but in most cases they will be happy to cover this campervan modification under their normal terms.
  • Suspension enhancement is another commonly reported campervan modification, used to prevent your campervan from leaning around corners and roundabouts, delivering a bumpy ride or sagging when loaded. Suspension enhancement can help to improve your campervan’s stability, and although Club Care Insurance should be notified if you have a suspension enhancement system fitted, in most cases they will include this modification under their normal terms.
  • Club Care is often notified of engine remapping on campervans. This modification aims to improve the power and economy of the vehicle, and is often favoured by campervan drivers to improve uphill handling. Donna advises that any engine remapping on your campervan should be reported to Club Care when requesting a campervan insurance quote, and this modification may require individual cases to be referred to the underwriter.

In a nutshell, Club Care Insurance are specialists in providing tailored campervan insurance policies, and they will consider the cover of any campervan modifications so long as they are not related to enhancing speed or acceleration. As a member of The Camping and Caravanning Club, you will also benefit from a 5% discount when you take out campervan insurance from Club Care, and many additional discounts are available to ensure you receive both the best value for money and peace of mind that your campervan is being protected by experts in the field.