How to become a Franchisee

Interested in franchising?

If you think that franchising with the Club is for you, please email for more details. Alternatively please call 02476 475348

Franchisee Application Form and Discovery Day

If you feel you would be able to make the necessary investment to become a franchisee and would like to know more, please complete and return the Franchisee Application Form.

In this form, we ask you to detail your past experiences, outline the skills you will be bringing to the business as well as your aspirations. We ask you to complete the Personal Financial Statement and note that we can only consider applications from those who have minimum disposable assets of £400,000 to invest in a campsite. This will be reviewed and if we think a franchise could possibly be for you, we will invite you attend a “Discovery Day” at Club Headquarters in Coventry where you will find out more about being a franchisee with the Club and the support we provide.

After attending the Discovery Day, if you decide that you wish to continue with your application, we will put in place a detailed assessment and review process aimed at establishing whether franchising through the Club is right for you and whether you are right for the Club.

First Impressions Visit

We will arrange for you to spend a day at one of our existing franchised sites where you will be given an overview of what to expect from running your own site.

Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) Checks

We require each applicant to provide a full disclosure. (Note that this was formerly known as a CRB check.)

Finance Check

After obtaining your authorisation for credit checks to be undertaken, we will arrange for one of the leading credit checking agencies to provide a report on the financial history of each of the applicants.

Caliper Profile

We will ask you to complete an on-line personality profile. This will provide us with some background information on your personality and behaviour that we can explore further at our final meeting. We can also use this in developing your training and development programme should you be successful in acquiring your own campsite.


We will ask for two references per applicant to be provided.

Home Visit

We will visit you at home at some stage throughout the recruitment process to ensure matters are progressing smoothly and provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

A Time for Reflection

In accordance with the British Franchise Association’s ethical franchising guidelines, we want to you carefully consider this proposition, noting that there is still no obligation on either party. We strongly suggest that you seek guidance from a financial and legal advisor – preferably those affiliated to the bfa.

Final Meeting Stage

At a final meeting, we will review your experience, aspirations and provide feedback based on the above elements. This will also be your opportunity to ask any final question you may have regarding franchising with us.


It’s time for you and us to decide if franchising is the right move for both parties. If we make you a formal offer that you accept, we ask you for a deposit of £10,000 (deducted from the Initial Fee on signing the Agreement). We will then develop a project and training plan to help you set up and run your own camping and caravanning site.