Finances and Investment

The average site costs £800,000 - £1,000,000, plus development costs. To be viable for both the franchisee and the Club, a franchise needs to be at least 5 acres with a minimum of 60 pitches. The club will therefore only consider applications from those people who have minimum disposable assets of £400,000 to invest, as it would be unfair of the Club to progress with your application if you are not ultimately in a position to purchase a campsite.

Initial Franchise Fee

There is an initial Franchise Fee of £35,000 (plus VAT) for the rights to use the brand, trade marks and “the system”. This also covers the costs of the initial Training and Development programme , IT hardware and software, and initial signage, stationery and uniform.

Example of Current On-Going Fees

  • Management Services Fee – 10% of all Pitch Fee income and 5% of Holiday Homes Sales (+VAT, charged monthly)
  • Marketing Levy - £5,000 + VAT per annum (charged monthly)
  • IT Levy - £3,000 + VAT per annum (charged monthly)
  • Line and Broadband charges (charged monthly at cost)

Interested in franchising?

If you think that franchising with the Club is for you, please email for more details. Alternatively please call 02476 475348.