Could you be a Franchisee?

Could you be a franchisee?

Could you be a franchisee?

You do not have to own a site already to become a franchisee. The franchise scheme is open to existing site and land owners who feel they would benefit from becoming a “UK Club Site” and also those new to the sector looking to purchase a site. In order to process an application from an existing site owner, we will first evaluate your site to determine whether it will complement our existing network. For new entrants to the sector, the Club will work with you to help identify suitable sites for acquisition.

Remember that a franchise with the Camping and Caravanning Club is a minimum 10-year commitment to your own business.
As part of your own evaluation process, you should consider each of the following questions, ensuring you take time to undertake a full and frank review of your own skills and abilities.

  • What am I looking for in the new business and can I achieve it?
  • Do I understand what franchising is and what is involved?
  • Am I qualified physically and mentally to be self-employed?
  • Am I at the right age to run my own business and recoup my investment?
  • Am I able to employ and manage staff?
  • Have I got enough money to start the business and fund it in the initial stages? (See under “Finances”).
  • Do I have the confidence and nerve to survive the setbacks?
  • What skills will I be taking with me into the campsite franchise?
  • What gaps do I need to focus on in my personal development plan?
  • Am I at my best with mental and physical tasks?
  • Do I mix well with people?
  • Do I have the commitment for hard work?
  • Am I prepared to work long and unsociable hours?
  • How well will the family adapt to the changes and interruptions with family time?
  • Am I prepared to risk all my assests?
  • How well will the family cope with the stresses involved in running the franchise?
  • Will the business be challenging enough for me?
  • Am I able to capitalise on the opportunity?
  • What am I looking to achieve from my business?

Interested in franchising?

If you think that franchising with the Club is for you, please email for more details. Alternatively please call 02476 475348.