Helping to make a wheel difference

Spring is taking its time this year. Last weekend, 24 hours before I was due to meet the Chairman of this year’s National Feast of Lanterns (NFOL) at the Prescott Bike Festival, I opened the curtains to find it was snowing. Not ideal.
Sheila Kiggins | 21 April 2016 More

Camping with pets: National Pet Month 2016

It’s exactly two years this week since my canine companion Shakey enjoyed his first camping trip. He came with me to the annual Outwell Owners Club season-opener meet at Low Farm, a Listed Site in Lincolnshire, and had a wonderful...

Sheila Kiggins | 04 April 2016 More

Dartmoor (or an appreciation of British weather)

Sometimes reality bites.

What I had wanted was to travel to one of the UK’s last great wildernesses and be greeted with metaphoric open arms.


Stuart Kidman | 18 March 2016 More

Change and chocolate ahead

Spring’s nearly here though it has seemed to take an age to drag ourselves out of winter!
We’ve been quite lucky weatherwise in Lincolnshire, with just a few minor wintry flurries to
marvel at, but I know that in some areas of Britain high winds and heavy rain have been
replaced with two or three inches, or more, of snow in the past few weeks.
Dog Blog | 17 March 2016 More