Campsite Cook of the Year 2018

The story so far...

That sizzling sound you can hear is probably another one of our regional Campsite Cook of the Year heats taking place.

Ali Ray | 31 July 2018 More

Going for a stand-up paddle

We tend to look at camping as a means to an end – a type of accommodation that brings you into contact with the places and activities that you enjoy most.
In turn there are certain activities that complement camping very well, so when I was given the chance to have a go at stand-up paddling, I was more than willing.

Stuart Kidman | 25 June 2018 More

A tent for a tall person

It seemed a straightforward question that should be bread and butter for a time-served Test Editor at Camping & Caravanning. The gist was:
“My sons are 6ft 3in and 6ft 6in tall. The shorter of the two has just tried to buy a tent from a major camping retailer but there doesn’t seem to be one on the market that caters for anyone over 6ft. He needs a tent he can sleep full length in without touching both ends and also stand up in. Any recommendations other...
Candy Evans | 14 June 2018 More

National Camping and Caravanning Week VIP event

The sun was shining, birds were singing and camping had never looked better for the first official day of National Camping and Caravanning Week’s (NCCW) VIP event at Alton, The Star Club Site in Staffordshire on 31 May and 1 June.

Vicky Sartain | 01 June 2018 More