Change and chocolate ahead

Spring’s nearly here though it has seemed to take an age to drag ourselves out of winter!
We’ve been quite lucky weatherwise in Lincolnshire, with just a few minor wintry flurries to
marvel at, but I know that in some areas of Britain high winds and heavy rain have been
replaced with two or three inches, or more, of snow in the past few weeks.
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It's Pancake Day

I heard on the radio this morning Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day will be more celebrated than Valentine's Day.
Ali Ray | 13 March 2016 More

Belfast bound

We hit the ground running when we got to Belfast. We headed straight to Titanic Belfast. If you plan to visit, be prepared to say “wow” – a lot. That’s before you’ve even stepped through the door. At 38 metres tall the building matches the height of this world-famous passenger liner. The silver-sharded colossus that is the Titanic Belfast visitor attraction...
Ali Ray | 19 February 2016 More

Destination Northern Ireland

It's February half term. Destination Northern Ireland. Our suitcases are packed full of wellies, woolly hats, hot water bottles and even my trusty compact Cadac barbecue. We are heading on an adventure to camp and eat.

Ali Ray | 17 February 2016 More