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Safe Caravan Storage at Home

Many thefts occur when caravans are brought out of storage and being prepared for the holidays. At this time even the most conscientious caravan owners can understandably overlook the security of the unit whilst excitedly getting ready for a welcome break.

 With this is mind, Club Care has put together an important checklist to ensure your caravan does not become another statistic when it comes out of storage (below).

caravan storage tips infographic

  1. Fit a robust security post to prevent your caravan being away.
  2. Fit a good quality alarm or immobiliser.
  3. Invest in a high quality hitch lock that carries the sold secure standard.
  4. Fit a steering wheel lock for this caravans built on a BPW chassis.
  5. Consider CCTV to film your caravan 24 hours a day, ensuring that the camera is out of the reach of thieves.
  6. Park your caravan in a visible location, nose-first.
  7. Avoid caravan covers.
  8. Leave blinds open and remove all valuables.
  9. Put up a sticker saying the caravan has a tracker device.