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Basic House Rules

Basic House Rules

Here is a list of House Rules that must be considered whenever a review is submitted.

Reviews that break these rules may be deleted or removed at the discretion of The Club. In extreme or persistent cases, the membership number associated with the contravening review(s) may be barred from making further submissions.

The purpose of campsite reviews on The Club’s website is to provide the opportunity to share with fellow campers all about the sites you know and love. In general, please treat other people with respect and remember that something you intend as a joke or feel is harmless can be easily misconstrued.

Reviews submitted without the provision of either a membership number and email address (neither of which will be made public) will also not be posted but this is only as we need to know you are a real person! A point of contact is required should we need to contact you regarding your review. Usernames will be displayed. Please be advised that reviews will only be considered if you have stayed at the campsite you are reviewing. 

To ensure your review is posted it’s important to avoid:

  • Abusive or threatening reviews, or those that incite hatred against any social or ethnic group
  • Sexually explicit or indecent reviews, or reviews containing obscenities or profanities
  • Potentially defamatory reviews, or anything that you have not created yourself
  • Overly negative comments about campsite staff or their employees or families
  • Reviews containing personal details (such as your email, phone number, password or address)
  • Reviews that condone or promote illegal activities
  • Spamming (i.e. the submission of the same or very similar reviews many times)
  • Writing in languages other than English, overuse of text speak or code of any kind
  • Providing links/url’s to other sites that would contravene these house rules
  • Advertising, commercial promotion or campaigning of any kind
  • Impersonation of any person, alive or deceased, real or fictional

We at the Camping and Caravanning Club take seriously any grievances and/or complaints by members and non-members alike. We will of course address any comments that appear to be a complaint, however as these reviews are intended to help others make a decision about where to go camping; we would not suggest this as the best platform to raise such issues.

These guidelines will be under constant review and revisions will be made on a regular basis where appropriate. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions from our members.

Comments posted are the personal opinions of the individual contributor(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Camping and Caravanning Club. 
Last updated: 10/04/2019

Please be aware that by submitting content on this website, including any reviews, comments, suggestions, ideas or the like you grant The Camping and Caravanning Club royalty free, non exclusive rights to use, reproduce and publicly display that submission. The Camping and Caravanning Club may choose to provide attribution of your comments or reviews using display name or membership number at our discretion.