Hereford Cathedral

Hereford Cathedral

Hereford Cathedral is 50 metres tall, 100 metres in length and nearly a 1000 years old. It was designed in the early-English Gothic style by Robert of Lorraine and has large spires and grand arches along the nave.

It is home to one of Britain’s most remarkable documents - the Mappa Mundi - the world’s largest medieval map dating from 1285AD.

Hereford Cathedral's main role is as a centre of Christian mission and the seat of the Bishop. Each day, three acts of worship take place which ensure that the life of prayer which gives energy to Christian mission is carried on.

The Bishop of Hereford's throne near the high altar gives the Cathedral church its name; the Latin word for throne is cathedra. The Bishop is chief pastor of a large diocese stretching from the Welsh borders in the west across to Worcester and Gloucestershire in the east, and from just south of Shrewsbury in the north to Monmouth in the south.

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