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The Technical Team at the Club holds a wealth of information and much of it is distilled in these pages.

If you’re looking for the right tyre for your motorhome or need to find a gas cylinder to use on the Continent, the chances are you will find the answer here.

Team members Ian Hewlett and Iain Geddes have both been active campers and caravanners since childhood. Now they regularly test cars and are involved in the Club’s annual Tow Car Awards. They also try out tents, trailer tents, caravans and motorhomes for the magazine’s On Test section and in their own time enjoy their own camping holidays.

Whether your question is about matching a tow car and caravan, how to use an electric hook-up or finding spares to repair your tent, you are likely to find the answer in these pages. But if not, you can ask the team by clicking below.

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  • At a recent service the technician told me the tyres on my caravan are five years old and I may wish to consider replacing them soon, how can this be when the caravan’s only three years old?

    Due to the supply and demand, the length of the supply chain and batch manufacturing of tyres it's not unusual to find a caravan tyre that’s two years old before being fitted. Read more »

  • Do I need winter tyres in mainland Europe?

    The answer varies from country to country and in some countries even by region. Winter tyres (marked with a snowflake motif) are preferred in colder areas but mud and snow tyres (marked M+S) are an acceptable alternative and the minimum tread depth varies too. Read more »

  • Where can you buy caravan tyres?

    Most caravans and larger trailers are not necessarily fitted with dedicated trailer tyres, though such things exist. Read more »

  • How can I find the profile size on my trailer’s tyres?

    You should be able to see the tyre size on the side of the tyre. If yours says 175/80 R 13C on the sidewall this means it is 175mm wide, radial in design (R), has a 13in rim diameter and is a commercial tyre (C). Read more »

  • What air pressure should be in my motorhome tyres?

    This is a very challenging question to answer as it depends on the load carrying capacity of the tyre and the weight you’re actually putting on it. Read more »

  • What air pressure should be in my motorhome tyres?

    This is a very challenging question to answer as it depends on the load carrying capacity of the tyre and the weight you’re actually putting on it. Read more »

  • I noticed my caravan’s tyres were marked for mud and snow (M+S). Is this necessary?

    Not really, you’ll gain a marginal braking improvement in slushy or muddy conditions but the other benefits of such tyres in poor weather (such as turning control and traction) aren’t relevant for the caravan’s axle. Read more »

  • I am concerned that several cars I'm considering for towing have either a temporary slim spare tyre or run-flat tyres. Are these compatible with towing?

    The slim tyre is normally acceptable but check the car’s handbook for limitations or exact instructions for use when towing. Read more »

  • The tyre size and pressure plate on my motorhome doesn’t match the details on the tyre sidewalls. Is this OK?

    This can happen when the tyres have been changed from the original van specification during conversion or by a previous owner. Read more »

  • I increase the pressure in my car tyres for towing. Should I reduce it again when I’m on site?

    In theory you should adjust the pressure to suit the task at hand. Realistically this is often not practical and leaving tyres with a few extra pounds in them for a few days while on holiday normally shouldn’t be an issue. Read more »

  • Do caravan wheels have inner tubes?

    No, for many years now most caravans have been equipped with tubeless radial tyres. Read more »

  • I have added a tyre pressure monitor to my vehicle, should the temperature of the tyre rise significantly, as mine suggests?

    Any vehicle once in motion puts work into the wheels and tyres raising their temperature and this is quite normal. Read more »

  • Where do I find the correct tyre pressure for my caravan?

    If you cannot find it in your handbook or for whatever reason the tyres fitted are not the same as the original specification then the best place to go is TyreSafe’s caravan pressure calculator. Read more »

  • How old can a ‘new’ tyre be?

    This is quite variable. If you have a common car tyre size then when you buy a new replacement it may have been moulded a matter of weeks before purchase. Read more »

  • What are winter wheels?

    The items known as ‘winter wheels’ are not really wheels at all. They’re simply a steel fabricated structure fitted in the place of road wheels. Read more »

  • How long should I run my motorhome if I start it up during the winter lay-up?

    There’s no exact answer to this but you should do a bit more than just let the engine idle for a few minutes. Read more »

  • I would like to fit alloy wheels on my motorhome. Is there anything I should consider before I buy?

    Besides the basic question of whether such wheels will fit, there some more nuanced details to consider. Read more »