Dartford crossing tolls

Information on Dart Charge tolls

Dartford crossing overview

There is now a new toll collection system for the Dartford crossings know as Dart Charge that was introduced on 30 November 2014. The introduction of these new arrangements will reduce congestion and ease traffic flow at the Crossing by removing the need for drivers to stop at barriers to pay. Here are a few of the FAQ’s relating to the crossing.

What changes are taking place?

Payment changes

  • The introduction of Dart Charge changed the way you pay the Dartford Crossing charge. You can no longer pay at the barriers; instead, you will need to pay for each Crossing you make in advance or by midnight the day after.
  • There are several ways to pay, including online, by phone, by post or at one of many payzone retail outlets.
  • For additional convenience, you can set up a pre-pay Dart Charge account, which offers savings of up to one-third on every crossing; this is the cheapest and easiest way to pay.
  • Motorhomes must be identified on the log book (V5C) as a motor caravan to pay the lower rate charge, you can check what rate you would be expected to pay here and by following these instructions: 

- Select “Start Now”
- Then select “Make one off payment”
- Enter your vehicle registration number
- Then press “find vehicle”.

Your vehicle details should now be displayed. If your motorhome is correctly registered it should state Class B, if not check your V5C and contact DVLA.

More details on vehicle classesDartford Crossing height control

Is anything staying the same?

  • It is still be free for all vehicles to use the Crossing between 10pm and 6am.
  • Motorcycles, mopeds, motortricycles and quadricycles (quad bikes) can still cross for free.
  • Trailers are included in the vehicle charge.

Exemptions still apply.

The full list of exemptions is described in legislation (www.gov.uk/highways/dartford).
Blue badge holders are not exempt; the vehicle itself must be registered as exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). Road users can apply for exemption from paying VED by contacting the DVLA.

How can I pay for a crossing?

You can make one-off payments:

  • online at: www.gov.uk/dart-charge
  • over the phone by calling: 0300 300 0120
  • via a Payzone retail outlet, use this link to find your nearest
  • by post (in advance only): Dart Charge Customer Services PO Box 842 Leeds LS1 9QF. You can call to request a form or will be able to download one online.
  • You can set up a pre-pay account at: www.gov.uk/dart-charge or by calling 0300 300 0120

When do I need to pay the charge?

  • The charging hours are between 6am -10pm every day. It is still be free to use the Crossing between 10pm and 6am.
  • If you don’t set up a Dart Charge account you need to pay the charge in advance or by midnight the following day for every crossing you make within the charging hours (6am – 10pm).