Best traditional pole tents


Best traditional pole tents 2019


2018: Robens
2017: Robens



2018: Outwell, Vango
2017: Outwell, Hi Gear

2019 Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards update

Our definition: If the main frame uses poles – whether metal (steel or alloy) or GRP (glass reinforced fibre), that’s the basis of a traditional pole tent.

Best traditional pole tents 2018 league table

This is our tightest category in terms of customer satisfaction. Outwell’s 88% top score was just enough to pip Vango and Quechua, which both came in with 87%, the same figure was the overall score for this class.

Even fourth placed Hi Gear (from GO Outdoors) managed a creditable 86%.

Last year’s winner Robens (a sister brand to Outwell) dropped out of the favourites altogether this time around.

Please note: Tents using traditional poles are still the most popular in terms of total responses, although they are showing signs of decline. They’re most likely to be tunnel designs, too.