Best Premium Tents (over £1,000)




2019: Karsten
2018: Karsten
2017: Karsten


Kampa Dometic

2019: Kampa Dometic, Vango
2018: Vango, Outwell
2017: Outwell, Vango

2020 Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards update

Our definition: At prices from £1,000, this is a sector that defines itself. Buyers are more likely to be experienced tent campers who know what they want – and are prepared to pay for it.

This is a category that Karsten has made its own – it’s been voted tops every single year to date. This time around, the super-premium brand actually increased its overall satisfaction rating to a near-perfect 99%. Indeed, it’s consistently scored in the upper 90s since we started the Tent Survey.

All credit to Kampa, too. A more mainstream brand, it nevertheless notched up 92%.

Do note Karsten’s exclusivity, too. Its tents are sold solely by the Camping Travel Store here in the UK, whereas brands like Kampa are available more widely.

2019 Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards update

Another awesome score for Karsten sees it topping a class it has come to dominate.
Best premium tents 2018 league table
The only downside for Karsten was the slightest of slips in its satisfaction rating – 98% this time around compared to last year’s 99%.

Few would dispute second and third-placed brands Kampa and Vango are far more mainstream than Karsten – making their 91% and 85% scores almost as impressive.

Note that Karsten has a single UK retail outlet, Camping Travel Store, whereas you’ll find Kampa, Vango and Outwell in plenty of specialist tent shops.

We can also report a higher number of overall responses for the Premium category this year.