Best backpacker tents




2017: Vango


Terra Nova

2018: Robens, Quechua
2017: Quechua

2019 Tent Owner Satisfaction Awards update

Our definition: These are tents that are designed to be carried by individuals on walking (or cycling) trips. Ease of use is critical here – in terms of carrying, packing away and pitching on a nightly basis during trips away – as well as weight. These are products that have to perform.

A third win in a row confirms Vango as the King of the Backpackers. For 2019, its tents managed a 91% satisfaction score – its Trekking and XD Trekking ranges, along with specialist Force Ten models and some of the more mainstream Adventure tents all contributing to the overall success.

Terra Nova has pushed its way into the top three for the first time. It and third plBest Backpacker Tents league table 2019aced Quechua both scored the same 87%. Weight is the key determinant in this class, followed by size and then price. Terra Nova is one of only two brands in the whole survey where owners said they would 100% recommend others to buy. Please note: There are lots of technical tents on the backpackers category – tents designed to perform in all weather conditions – but high quality, specialist brands here such as Hilleberg didn’t produce enough responses to be measured.