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#52 Suspension Modifications

#52 #52 Suspension Modifications


Suspension modifications for motorhomes and cars that tow

VB FullAir rear axleIn the past, it was sometimes recommended that a car's rear suspension should be upgraded if it was to tow a caravan. Today, this is often not required. However rear suspension products are still available for those towing and for motorhomes that suffer with sagging rear axles when under load. This Data Sheet looks at a selection of the aftermarket solutions available to help.

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Before you undertake a suspension upgrade on your car or motorhome you should contact your insurance provider. Spring and damper changes for this purpose should not create an increase in premiums but some insurers may not accept such a modification.

Also, upgraded springs and dampers will not increase the axle bearing limit nor will the static load tolerance on the hitch be increased. Or to put it another way - it will not increase the load you can carry in the vehicle and any noseweight will not change. The aim of installing these products is to keep the vehicle level, rather than running with its front higher than its rear. This is particularly important in front-wheel-drive vehicles when a reduced load on the front wheels can mean a loss of traction.

assister spring portraitAutomotive manufacturers have spent a great deal of time and money on the suspension systems of their chassis to give the vehicle the drive characteristics to suit the product's key market. Any changes to the springs, dampers or bushes may have an effect on the way the vehicle then behaves on the road. If you choose to install suspension stiffeners in a car there is likely to be a trade off between the stability improvement when the car is carrying a load and the stiffness of the ride when it is running without it.

Generally, vans are designed to carry a load occasionally. When a van is converted to a motorhome, however, the weight of the conversion can be considerable and it is in place all the time. As a result, you may like to consider an upgrade to the standard van suspension to give a more comfortable ride. Some motorhome converters can provide suspension upgrades as part of the conversion.

Before you upgrade

Suspension upgrades will not correct a fault.

Such changes should not be made to correct a fault somewhere else within the suspension. Ideally all worn parts should be changed as part of the same job to get the maximum benefit from the suspension aid. Sometimes component weaknesses within the suspension manifests with abnormal tyre wear and this should be investigated further to make sure it is corrected before you upgrade the suspension.