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#14 Keeping your caravan, motorhome or trailer secure

#14 #14 Keeping your caravan, motorhome or trailer secure

Securing your caravan, motorhome or trailer

A wheel clamp in use

A wheel clamp in use

Most of us accept the need to maintain our caravan or motorhome to obtain the maximum benefit from it but sometimes security is neglected as being unessential, until it's too late. There is always a risk of theft and thieves will see an opportunity whether your caravan, motorhome or trailer is worth 25,000 or 1,000. Much of the following advice is directed at caravans but some is applicable to trailers and motorhomes, with mention of some products applicable to particular units.

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Basic Advice

  • Deter the opportunist thief by using relatively inexpensive products
  • Consider the best security devices available to reduce the risks of your unit being stolen and also reduce your insurance premiums
  • Consider means to help recovery of your unit if it is stolen
  • Deter thefts of property from your unit with simple devices
  • Thieves don't only steal when your unit is stored, it's vulnerable at all times even when just stopping for a cup of tea or to stretch your legs at a motorway service station. You therefore need to consider a range of measures to protect yourself at all times.

Products to deter the thief

There are hundreds of caravan security devices on the market, with some being better than others. As with most things you generally get what you pay for, but independent testing is often the best way to check the capability of security equipment.

Sold Secure is an independent organisation, carrying out testing on a wide range of security devices, including those for caravans. You may also see Thatcham approved products and those accredited by European bodies such as TUV and SCM. The Sold Secure logo will be seen on many security products sold in the UK with gold, silver and bronze ratings. Wheel locks can obtain a diamond rating.

It is important to understand that no product can guarantee a unit will not be stolen. The aim is to deter a thief who prefers easier pickings or to slow down the more determined thief, or the one with a good toolbox containing large lever bars and disc cutters.