Motorhome storage options and their impact on your insurance

Motorhome insurance discounts available for secure storage

Save 10% on your motorhome insurance premium for storing in a Gold-rated CaSSOA site and 5% discount for a Silver-rated CaSSOA site.

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The security of your motorhome is likely to be one of your biggest concerns when it comes to deciding where to store your motorhome when it is not in use.

Other factors in your consideration may include convenience and cost, but it is also important to be aware that your storage choices will affect your insurance premium.

Storing your motorhome at home

At homeMany people choose to store their motorhome at home as it is convenient, and if you decide to take a spontaneous trip, you can easily access your motorhome. If you are considering this type of storage, you should be aware that the postcode of your primary storage location (where it is kept most often) will affect your motorhome policy. Due to differing crime and traffic levels, rural areas are likely to see lower insurance premiums compared to city centre locations.

It is also important to understand that storing your motorhome 'at home' means that it is stored on your property (for example on your driveway) and not the road outside your property. If you store your motorhome on a public road, you may invalidate your insurance and therefore will not be covered against a theft.

If you decide to store your motorhome at home it may be worth investing in certain security features. Most motorhomes are fitted with an immobiliser and there are various alarm systems available for purchase; security systems such as these will both deter thieves and lower your insurance premium.

Of course keeping your motorhome at home means that potential house burglars can easily tell when you’ve gone away.

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Secure storage

CaSSOASecure storage offers a useful alternative for many motorhome owners. It may take a little more planning before a holiday, as you have to arrange for the collection of your motorhome, but you will avoid the upfront cost of installing extra security systems for your property. Your insurance premium may be lower if you choose to store your motorhome at a secure facility, but you should always check what security features are in place at the venue as facilities will vary between sites.

The Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) provides a register of over 500 secure sites which are specifically designed for the purpose of storing motorhomes and caravans. CaSSOA sites are rated Gold, Silver, or Bronze depending on the security level of the venue.

If you insure your motorhome with Club Care and decide to store your motorhome in a CaSSOA site, you could receive an impressive discount. If you pick a Gold-rated CaSSOA site you will receive a 10% discount on your insurance premium or choose a Silver site and you will receive a 5% discount on your insurance premium. The cost of CaSSOA sites will vary according to location and the level of security that is offered. With this fantastic discount, you may find that the savings you make on your Club Care insurance premium are greater than the cost of storing your motorhome at a CaSSOA site.

To see further details about what you should look when considering a secure storage facility, you can read Club Care’s in-depth guide to motorhome storage options.

Finally, it is vital that you inform your insurance company if there are any changes to your storage routine. You may find that your insurance is voided if you do not inform your insurance company of a new storage location.