Safety devices and their impact on your motorhome insurance

Your motorhome is an incredibly valuable asset, so looking after it is likely to be a priority. There are various safety devices available that can help to make your motorhome safer when it is on the move.

Installing safety devices can also have a positive impact on your insurance premium meaning you could be safer and save money too.

Reversing sensors

Reverse parking can be a challenge for many drivers at times and unfortunately the experience can be even trickier for motorhome owners. Due to the lack of visibility, it is much easier to have an accident when manoeuvring a motorhome than most other types of vehicle. Installing reversing aids such as sensors or a camera can improve visibility and reduce your risk of having an accident while reversing.

Sensors may not detect all obstructions as they only recognise reflection of sound waves from large flat surfaces, so a reversing camera could be a better solution.

Reversing cameras

Cameras are likely to be more expensive than sensors, but they offer a more accurate view of what's occurring behind the motorhome as it moves backwards. Both sensors and cameras can give you extra confidence when reversing and this small addition can make a big difference to the safety of your motorhome.

Insurance benefits of installing reversing sensors or cameras

Insurers value the extra safety that reversing cameras and sensors provide. If you invest in a reversing camera or sensor, you can expect to save money on your insurance premium. With our motorhome insurance, you'll receive a 5% discount on your insurance premium when you fit a reversing camera or sensor.


Punctures are hazardous for any vehicle and can cause expansive damage if not managed correctly. It can be difficult to detect a flat or deflating tyre, particularly on a rear wheel, when driving a motorhome as the suspension can mask the problem.

Tyron Safety Bands are a passive safety system designed to hold together the tyre and wheel for a short time in the event of a puncture or blowout. Always ready for use, Tyron Safety Bands allow the driver to pull over safely while staying in control of the vehicle.

It's not just punctures that can lead to problems, tyre pressure can also affect the way your motorhome handles, and low pressure in one or more of your tyres can increase your risk of being involved in accident.

A tyre pressure monitoring system uses sensors to continuously monitor the pressure and temperature of your tyres. This information is relayed to a small portable monitor and will alert you when your tyre pressure is too low or too high so that you can be aware of any potential problems before they arise. There are a number of systems available, such as The TyrePal pressure monitoring system. When selecting which one to choose the Club recommends that:

  • It is ISO 21750 compliant
  • It has sensors installed on all wheel assembles in contact with the road surface
  • It has sensors that are the direct reading type, ie the sensor directly reads pressure and temperature within tyre
  • The display unit is able to be mounted near the driver
  • An audio and visual warning of a tyre pressure/temperature issue is given to the driver
  • The device will warn the driver of loss of signal whether this is due to a fault or low battery

Insurance benefits of taking precautions against punctures

Installing safety devices such as safety tyres and tyre pressure monitoring systems for your motorhome reduces the risk of damaging your motorhome due to a puncture or flat tyre. When you invest in this type of safety device, you can enjoy the additional benefit of a lower insurance premium. With Club Care motorhome insurance, you will receive a 5% discount when you fit a TyrePal pressure monitoring system and up to 5% discount when you invest in flat tyre protection, such as the Tyron Safety Bands.