Tyron bands and other essential touring safety aids

Earn a discount on your caravan insurance premiums

By fitting Tyron safety bands to your touring caravan you could save up to 15% on your premiums.

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Towing a caravan can be a stressful experience,so it's no surprise that most people want to make their caravans as safe as possible when they travel.

There are numerous safety devices available which can contribute to making your journey a safer one. Although they can’t prevent accidents happening, they can help you combat difficult situations and reduce the impact when they do.

Tyron safety bands

Tyron safety bands are lightweight bands which convert a standard caravan wheel to a safety wheel. They are designed to hold the wheel and tyre together in the event of a blowout to allow you to guide the unit to safety.

Despite being one of the best-respected products in the industry, only 8% of Club members surveyed said that they use them, even though they can lower your insurance premiums. For example, Club Care Insurance offers up to a 15% discount for fitting the bands.

How Tyron safety bands work

In the event of a flat tyre, Tyron bands lock the tyre onto the wheel, preventing the tyre from lifting and the wheel touching the road surface. While it won’t prevent the tyre from deflating, it will allow you to keep steering and control braking so you can continue for up to 5 miles and find a safe place to stop. This video shows how the bands work.  This video shows how the bands work.


What our members say

“We had a very bad accident three years ago on the motorway when a lorry pulled out into us, sending the car and caravan spinning around on the busy motorway and Tyron bands work.”

“Two years ago we left a site in France; there were two of us travelling together with very similar caravans that were the same size. We were going through roadworks when we had an offside blowout in a pothole, and moments later so did my friend. We have bands fitted and kept our caravan under control, easily pulling into a layby where we found the wheel completely flat but with no damage. Our friend who did not have them fitted suffered damage to his wheel arch and surrounding area that cost £1000 to repair and had to fight to keep the van under control, stopping on the road and limping along to us.”

“A few years ago in Cornwall we had a blowout coming down a very steep hill. The Tyron bands kept us level until I managed to get it to a layby at the bottom.”

Click here to download a Q&A on the benefits to touring caravan owners of the Tyron safety band.

Other safety measures


Run-flat tyres for cars are designed for use in emergency situations, allowing you continue driving for a short time (approx 50 miles at 30mph) rather than having to stop immediately, which can be especially useful when towing a caravan.

A tyre pressure monitoring system such as the TyrePal pressure system can help you stay informed and in control. It continuously monitors the pressure and temperature of your tyres, reporting when it detects a problem.

A TyrePal tyre pressure monitoring system will earn a 5% discount on your premium from Club Care Insurance.

There are a number of systems available, but you should make sure you choose one meeting the following requirements:

• ISO 21750 compliant
• Sensors are installed on all caravan wheels in contact with the road surface
• Sensors are the direct reading type, ie they directly read pressure and temperature within the tyre
• The display unit must be able to be mounted near the driver
• An audio and visual warning of a tyre pressure/temperature issue must be given to the driver
• The device will warn the driver of loss of signal, whether this is due to a fault or low battery.

Snaking & Instability

Unfortunately, drivers have little control over side winds, passing vehicle and uneven road surfaces which can lead to instability and cause pitching and snaking (up-and-down and side-to-side movements).

In extreme cases, snaking can become so bad that caravan can begin to drag the car along with it as it moves from side to side, causing the driver to lose control completely.

Automatic Trailer Control systems detect lateral movement in the caravan and automatically apply all caravan brakes at the same time to help combat the effects of certain driving conditions.

Club Care Insurance offers up to a 15% discount on your caravan insurance when you install the AL-KO ATC Trailer Control.

Twin axle caravans

Many conventional caravans only have one axle, but it’s also possible to buy twin axle caravans. The extra wheels offer better stability, making towing easier. However, they are heavier than their single axle equivalents.

Manoeuvring courses

The driver has the most impact on the safety of their towing car and caravan, so it's important to make sure that you can tow with confidence, whether you are new to caravanning or an old hand.

The Camping and Caravanning Club runs manoeuvring courses which cover all aspects of towing - from hitching and unhitching to caravans and the law. If you complete a course, you will receive up to a 10% discount on Club Care Caravan Insurance.