Safe caravan storage at home

Club Care Insurance has undertaken analysis of its theft data for 2012 and determined that 24% of caravans were stolen from home. Whilst this is a welcome reduction from the 57% reported in 2011, Club Care recorded that of the caravans stolen from the home address, 90% had little or no security. This may sound a staggering statistic and indeed it is, but to understand why this is so high it is important to appreciate the time at which these thefts occurred. Many thefts occur when caravans are brought out of storage and being prepared for the holidays. At this time even the most conscientious caravan owners can understandably overlook the security of the unit whilst excitedly getting ready for a welcome break.

With this is mind, Club Care has put together an important checklist to ensure your caravan does not become another statistic when it comes out of storage (below).

safe caravan storage at home

Even the most security minded will struggle to prevent the most determined of thieves so most importantly of all make sure you have quality protection to cover you against all such eventualities. Club Care offers 5 Star Defaqto rated protection and for the security conscientious caravanner, he/she can benefit from a discount on their premium of up to 45%.

To see what protection Club Care can provide and to see what you can save on your premium, simply get a quote online today or call our friendly team of advisers on 0800 124 4633.