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Your motorhome is a significant investment and it makes sense to protect it. Unfortunately motorhomes are popular targets for thieves, as not only are they valuable in their own right, but they are often filled with expensive contents. Get more free technical support and advice when you join the Club.

Firstly, it pays to remember simple precautions like closing windows, locking all doors when you are away from the vehicle, and never leaving valuables on display. Also, try not to leave your motorhome unattended for long periods of time if at all possible.

Secondly, your insurer may require additional security measures be installed i.e. alarm/immobiliser/tracking device etc. for when the vehicle is left unattended. In certain circumstances, some insurers will specify what device(s) you will be required to install, or, like Club Care, they may also allow a premium discount for a particular security device(s).

There are a wide range of mechanical options on the market to secure your motorhome and reduce the risk of theft. We have listed the main ones here:

motorhome security

Number oneWheel clamps
Are extremely efficient at immobilising your vehicle, and the higher the quality, the more difficult they are to remove

Number twoSteering wheel locks
Can be a bar-lock, circular lock or even a chain and padlock. Whichever you choose, steering wheel locks are a great visual deterrent

number threeGear locks
Allow you to lock the gear stick to the hand brake

number fourAn alarm
Is a great audio deterrent for your motorhome. The siren is usually situated under the bonnet and is activated upon opening the vehicle door. The alarm usually comes with a window sticker which you can position appropriately to advertise that your vehicle is alarmed, thereby encouraging the would-be thief to move on elsewhere

number fiveAn immobiliser
Is particularly helpful if a thief gains access to your motorhome, ensuring that they cannot steal it. Each time you switch off your engine, the immobiliser with automatically activate. Most immobilisers feature dual-circuit immobilisation to frustrate any attempts to start the engine by hot-wiring

number sixA tracking device
Is a sophisticated piece of equipment that monitors your vehicle 24/7. When stolen, a signal is sent by remote control to a control centre, locating exactly where the vehicle is and stopping the thieves in their tracks.

When selecting the appropriate security device(s) for your motorhome, make sure that you invest in the highest quality product you can afford.

Most insurance providers will insist the security product is approved by either Sold Secure or Thatcham Research.

Sold Secure is a product testing service provided by the Master Locksmiths Association and many leisure vehicle security products have a Sold Secure rating, they are structured from diamond to bronze where diamond is the highest rating.

Thatcham Research is the name given to the Insurance industry’s own testing centre and they’ve broken down security devices into several categories:

Electronic alarm and Immobiliser – Category 1
Electronic/Electromechanical Immobiliser – Category 2
Electronic alarm upgrade (General Application) – Category 2 – 1
Mechanical Immobiliser – Category 3
Wheel Locking devices – Category 4

The following categories exist to recover a vehicle after it has been stolen:

After – Theft Systems for vehicle recovery – Category 5
Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems – Category 6
Stolen Vehicle Location Systems – Category 7

For more information visit:
Sold Secure

Finally, make sure you have good motorhome insurance so that should the worst happen, you are covered. Club Care offer new motorhome replacement in the first year of registration (where damage exceeds half the manufacturer’s recommended retail price) with the option to increase this to two years, and up to £3,500 personal effects cover, including equipment, baggage, portable TVs, audio equipment, etc, up to £350 per single item. By fitting certain security devices you may also benefit from saving on your insurance premiums.

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