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  • Will there be any management or operational changes when hosting a Meet or THS?

    Yes. The relevant Green Papers will be updated, and provided before 1 August, which is currently likely to be the earliest date we can start to hold Meets and THS’s. Read more »

  • Where can I find out which THSs/Meets are proceeding at the moment?

    Subject to ongoing Government guidelines and confirmation from the Club, those Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites that are currently operating from 1st August can be located via Out & About online or via the Club’s App: ‘Out & About’ which is available on Google Play Store or the App Store. Read more »

  • When will Meets and THS resume?

    We know you can’t wait to get back to Social Camping – but there is very little guidance from the government at present as to how campsites should run. Read more »