Motorhome Owner Satisfaction Awards Results and Background
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Motorhome Owner Satisfaction Awards 2024

Motorhome 2024

Aside from a house, a motorhome is often the largest purchase any of us will make. Top-end models can cost a six-figure sum, while those of us with more modest budgets are still devoting a big slice of our income to our home-on-wheels. When spending such large amounts, it pays to spend wisely.

Some advice would surely be welcome. Well, how about the collected wisdom of 5,013 motor caravanners? That’s the number of motorhome owners (many of them Practical Motorhome readers and Camping and Caravanning Club members) who completed our 2023 Owner Satisfaction Survey. Although a fraction down on last year’s 5,081, it’s still a large sample and means we have great faith in the results.

Many thanks to everyone who filled in the survey. It’s certainly not the work of a moment, going into great detail on every aspect of the buying and ownership experience. Everyone who completes the questionnaire is helping their fellow motor caravanners make better informed decisions, and we’re grateful to everyone who shared their knowledge and experience.

We believe the survey helps the industry as well as its customers, rewarding excellence and pushing for high standards.


Each campervan and motorhome is rated across a variety of categories, including value, fit and finish, the lounge and dining area, the kitchen layout, the white goods, beds, washroom, and more. As in 2023, the ratings range from ‘excellent’ through ‘good’, ‘acceptable’, to ‘poor’ and ‘very poor’. This really helps to separate the great from the good.


One of the most important survey questions is ‘Would you buy from this manufacturer again?’ Without a positive endorsement from most survey respondents, no motorhome manufacturer or converter can hope to be close to the top of the results.


The survey doesn’t just ask about the habitation equipment and accommodation. Questions also cover the reliability, driving comfort, performance, fuel consumption and spare parts availability of the base vehicle. We ask the owners if they would buy a motorhome of the same base vehicle again, and quiz them about any faults that have occurred.


We divide the results between new and pre-owned motorhomes, with an overall award for the most satisfying brand to buy and own, whether you are shopping for a factory-fresh motorhome or one that has already enjoyed some adventures.


There’s more to a satisfying ownership experience than the motorhome and the vehicle it’s based on. The best products need the support of excellent dealers. That’s why each survey asks all about the experience of buying the motorhome, and any warranty, servicing, or repair work that has taken place.


How well does the dealer know the vehicles they sell? Are the employees professional at all times? Does the vehicle handover live up to expectations? And are warranty claims dealt with effectively?


The most telling question of all is ‘Would you buy from this dealer again?’


In the case of direct sales van converters, the manufacturer and the supplying dealer are one and the same. We’ve separated direct sales outfits from other manufacturers to give them their own categories within the survey. One rates the brand as a manufacturer, scored by both new and pre-owned buyers. The second awards the direct sales companies who perform best as dealers.


Of course, the top spot in each category is the one everyone wants. Competition is fierce, though, and it’s not just the winners who deserve praise. There are Gold Awards up for grabs for any manufacturer or dealer scoring over 80%. Silver Awards go to those scoring 60% or better.


Some brands don’t meet the minimum sample size for inclusion in the main results but may be given an honorable mention if they achieve strong scores in a modest number of responses.


So, that’s an overview of the survey – let’s discover this year’s results.

Van converters: best manufacturer (direct sales)

In previous years we’ve combined all aspects of being a direct sales van converter into one award. This year we’ve split the category in two, with one for the manufacturer side of the business and one for being a dealer.


As a manufacturer, Consort Motorhomes comes out on top with an excellent score of 95.2%. That’s across both new and pre-owned motorhomes.


Consort may be an unfamiliar name to some, but it’s the new company from the founders of Vantage Motorhomes, a consistently strong performer in this survey.


Second spot goes to a more familiar name, Wellhouse Leisure, with a superb rating of 93.5%. Bilbo’s isn’t far behind, scoring 89.1%.


Three more companies earn Gold Awards – Vantage, WildAx, and Volkswagen.

Van converters: best dealer (direct sales)

The skills and attributes of a good dealer may be different from those of a manufacturer. Even so, many of the same names are among the high achievers in the dealership award for van converters.


Top spot is taken by Wellhouse Leisure, with an exceptional score of 98.2%. It’s hard to think how it could look after its customers any better.


The best of the rest are close behind. Bilbo’s scores 97.4%, Consort Motorhomes 96.6%. All three earn a Gold Award with ease.

Best manufacturer: new motorhomes

Best motorhomes new 2024

Congratulations to Hymer, winner of this year’s award for Best Manufacturer: new motorhomes. Hymer finished in a commendable third place in 2023, but this year it overtakes all rivals. A rating of 80.3% puts Hymer on top.


Last year we had five Gold Award winners. It’s a little disappointing that this year only our winner reaches that standard.


Roller Team comes closest with a score of 79.8% and a Silver Award. Bürstner and Rimor are joint third, scoring 79.5%.


In total, some 14 manufacturers earn a Silver Award, including Adria. Last year’s winner drops down the table, but still achieves a respectable score of 76.2%. It will be interesting to see if this year’s more modest rating is a blip after several wins in recent years.


Last year, the overall scores were generally down on those achieved the year before, possibly because of the introduction of a new scoring system with more scope for both praise and criticism. In general, that downward trend has continued in 2024, and we’d hope to see that slide arrested in 2025.


2023 awards update

A round of applause for Adria, the winner of this year’s award for ‘Best manufacturer: new motorhomes’. This follows wins last year and in 2019, so Adria (including Sun Living) can be proud of its consistent brilliance, year after year. With a score of 83.7%, it takes a Gold Award in 2023.


Last year there was clear daylight between Adria and the rest, but the gap has closed 12 months on. The Cathargo Group is just behind on 83.4%. Hymer completes the podium with a score of 82.1%.


Two other manufacturers achieve a Gold Award – the Rapido Group and Roller Team.


Behind these front runners there’s a competitive field of nine Silver Award winners. These include UK-based big-hitters like Auto-Trail, Auto-Sleepers, Bailey, Elddis/Erwin Hymer Group, and Swift. Of these companies, Auto-Sleepers and Elddis are matched on the highest score (74.4%) but there’s not a lot in it.


It’s pleasing to see so many brands achieving such high scores, with 14 award winners up from ten last year. We wouldn’t rush to put this down to higher standards, however. The increased number of survey responses mean more companies achieve the minimal sample size rather than just missing out.


Even among our top performers, overall scores look to be down on last year. Again, we wouldn’t want to rush to the wrong conclusion. The new scoring system with five possible answers rather than three will have had an impact on each manufacturer’s rating.


Best manufacturer: pre-owned motorhomes

Pre owned 2024Let’s move on to pre-owned motorhomes. If the scores are anything to go by, being the second or third owner is no barrier to a satisfying motorhome owning experience. In fact, our survey suggests that pre-owned motorhome buyers are generally happier than their new counterparts.


So, who takes the top spot this year? It’s a second success for Hymer, doing the double as manufacturer of the most satisfying new and pre-owned motorhomes. An excellent score of 84.8% means Hymer has another Gold Award for its trophy cabinet.


It’s very close among the chasing pack. Carthago scores 84.2% in second, while Dethleffs (including Sunlight) takes third with a score of 83.8%.


Bürstner just misses out on the podium with 82.8%, while Rapido, Adria, Bailey, and Benimar all pick Gold Awards.


Auto-Sleepers scores 79.2% to be the highest rated Silver Award winner.


There are 15 award winners in 2024, an increase of two compared with last year. There’s no sign of the slight drop in standards we’ve seen in new motorhomes in the pre-owned part of the survey.


2023 awards update


Pre-owned motorhomes can be just as enjoyable to own as brand-new ones. In fact, if our survey is anything to go by, pre-owned buyers are even more satisfied than new buyers.


There’s a dead-heat at the top of the table this year. Bürstner and Dethleffs (including Sunlight) couldn’t be separated by our number-crunchers, with an identical score of 85%. Both earn Gold Awards.


Hymer was last year’s winner, and still performs strongly in 2023. With a score of 84.4%, it takes third spot and another Gold Award for the trophy cabinet.


Continental brands may take the top-three places, but Bailey is not far behind with a score of 82.6% and a Gold Award. This is no fluke, following second place last year.


There are eight Gold Award winners in total. Roller Team, Auto-Sleepers, Adria (including Sun Living), and Swift can feel proud of the quality of their pre-owned motorhomes.


Behind these standard-setters, five brands receive Silver Awards. That mean 13 award winners, a healthy increase on seven last year. However, we’d point to the bigger response to this year’s survey rather than a sudden improvement on already high standards.


Best motorhome manufacturer

Best motorhome manufacturer - Burstner

It’s tough to win any of these awards but this must be the toughest of the lot. To be named Best motorhome manufacturer means performing well in both the new and pre-owned parts of the survey. It’s also the most robust, thanks to the highest minimal sample size of any award. You need very satisfied customers – and lots of them.


This year, the top honour goes to Bürstner. Gold Awards in both the new and pre-owned categories lead to success in the combined award. The score of 81.4% means that Bürstner is one of two Gold Award winners.


The other is Bailey, flying the flag for domestic motorhome manufacturers with a fine score of 80.6%.


Last year’s winner, Adria, drops to third scoring 78.2%. That comfortably earns a Silver Award. Adria’s score among new motorhome owners has dropped this year, and that’s the area the Slovenian company would need to address to challenge for the top spot in 2025.


Our other Silver Award winners are the Swift Group (77.7%), Auto-Sleepers (77.7%), Chausson (77.3%), Auto-Trail (76%), and Elddis/EHG (74.4%).


2023 awards update


Of all our awards, this is probably the hardest to win. Our best motorhome manufacturer has to offer brilliant motorhomes to both new and pre-owned customers. What’s more, it must do so in large numbers, with the highest minimum sample size of any of our awards.


 This year the title goes to Adria, with a superb score of 82.7%. It’s the only brand to earn a Gold Award.

 Six brands do well enough to take a Silver Award. Auto-Sleepers, winner in 2019 and 2020, repeats last year’s second place with a score of 78.7%. Bailey takes third spot with 78.2%.


The other Silver Award winners are Swift (78%), Auto-Trail (77.2%), Elddis/EHG (75.2%) and Chausson (74.9%).


Best dealer: new motorhome

The best dealers perform superbly, with dozens of satisfied customers singing their praises. There is a big variation between the best and worst, though, so it’s well worth finding a Gold or Silver Award winner close to you.


If you live near Preston, then we’d point you in the direction of Todds Motorhomes. Always one of the highest achievers in this survey, the Lancashire dealership scores 94% this year. That’s a remarkable percentage, well above the minimum for a Gold Award.


Peter Roberts in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire comes closest to matching Todds Motorhomes. Last year’s winner scores 90.1% and easily exceeds the standard for a Gold Award.


Choose Leisure takes the third and final Gold Award. The Kent dealership based in Canterbury scores 88.4%.


Although only the leading trio pick up Gold Awards, some 15 dealers spread around the country do well enough for a Silver Award. So, although there are fewer Golds, the total number of award winners has increased.


2023 awards update

There’s a huge difference between the best and worst dealers in our survey. In fact, the variation in standards is greater than the difference between the best and worst motorhomes.


The top dealers really go the extra mile to take care of their customers. They explain its features clearly and are quick to help if any niggles need to be put right. Not all dealers are so obliging.


It’s hard to fault Peter Roberts Caravans and Motorhomes in Huddersfield. A near-perfect score of 97.5% sets the standard for new motorhome dealers.


Two other dealers score over 90%. Choose Leisure in Kent scores 93.3% in second, and Todds Motorhomes in Preston scores 93.1% in third.


Three more dealers score highly enough for a Gold Award, making six in total. Tyne Valley Motorhomes in Newcastle scores 84.2%, Dolphin Motorhomes with branches in Hampshire and Dorset scores 84.1%, and Knowepark Caravans and Motorhomes in Livingston scores 82.8%.


There are 10 dealers earning a Silver Award, across a broad spread of regions. As much as these companies deserve a pat on the back, they have some way to go to match the performance of Peter Roberts.


Best dealer: pre-owned motorhome 

New and pre-owned buyers deserve the same standard of service and attention to detail. Judging from the average scores in the Best dealer: pre-owned motorhomes, the top retailers take good care of all customers, whatever their budget.


Top spot goes to Meridian Motorhomes in Bosham, West Sussex, with an exceptional rating of 99.6%. That’s awfully close to a perfect score.


Three Counties Motorhomes, St Leonards, Dorset near the south coast is also close to the maximum possible with its score of 97.2%. Choose Leisure takes third spot with 95.6%, matching its position in the new dealer league table.


It’s pleasing to see so many other dealers reaching the Gold Award standard. No fewer than 12 make the grade, with a supporting cast of seven achieving Silver.


2023 awards update

What could be better than winning the best dealer award for new motorhomes? How about winning the award for dealing in pre-owned motorhomes as well? Astonishingly, that’s what Peter Roberts Caravans and Motorhomes has achieved this year.


Its score of 98.9% is the highest award to any manufacturer or dealer in any category this year, exceeding the standard needed for a Gold Award by a country mile.


Last year’s winner, Meridian Motorhomes of West Sussex, follows up 2022’s success with second place this time around and a score of 97.2%. Third place goes to Three Counties Motorhomes in Dorset, scoring 95.8%.


Five other dealers pick up a Gold Award, including some regular high-flyers like Todds Motorhomes in Preston and Choose Leisure in Kent.


No fewer than 10 dealers earn a Silver Award, so wherever you are in the country, you shouldn’t need to travel far for good service.


The survey in detail

Congratulations to all our 2024 winners. Now let’s look at the survey from a different angle to see trends in the spending and age profile of survey respondents.


Last year marked a change from the norm, with the majority of respondents buying a pre-owned motorhome rather than a new one. That trend has continued in 2024, with 58.9% purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, and 41.1% buying new.


It’s no surprise that the average purchase price has increased. The average new price in this year’s survey is £69,182, up from £61,553 last year. Just two years ago that figure was £58,599. Whereas last year the most popular price bracket was £50,000-£59,999, this year the £60,000-£69,999 price band is the most popular, accounting for 29.7% of the new market.


Prices paid for pre-owned motorhomes have also increased. The average is now £40,598, up from £36,489 last year and £35,207. It underlines the substantial financial commitment buyers make to enjoy motor caravanning.


Coachbuilt motorhomes are the most popular kind, accounting for 49% of new vehicles in the survey and 59.2% of pre-owned motorcaravans. Van conversions are the next most popular, making up 28.4% of new motorhomes and 19.1% of pre-owned motorhomes.


As we’ve come to expect, motor caravanners are usually mature in years. The average age of a new survey respondent is 63.2, and pre-owned respondents average 62. Those ages show no significant change from previous years.

What went wrong?

In general, there are more faults reported in this survey than in previous years. We’re hoping this will prove to be a blip rather than a long-term trend.


Some 71.2% of new motorhome owners have experienced a fault with their vehicle, compared with 54.3% of pre-owned motorhome buyers. Interior fit and finish is the biggest concern with new buyers, with 44.6% of owners reporting this problem. That’s up from 29.3% last year.


Pre-owned motorhome buyers have fewer complaints about interior finish, with 16.8% reporting this problem. However, that’s a big jump from 8.3% last year.


The most common problems among pre-owned motorhomes relate to faulty white goods. Some 22.8% reported this fault, up from 11.8% in 2023.


Among new motorhome owners, the same percentage reported faulty white goods (22.8%). Again, that’s a rise on 14% last year.


Water ingress remains a worry for some. Among new owners, 14.1% reported this problem, up from 10.8% in 2023. Some 19.8% of pre-owned buyers have suffered from water ingress, up from 8.3% in 2023.


Most of the types of fault recorded in the survey are more prevalent among new motorhomes than pre-owned. This continues the pattern of previous surveys and suggests that the first owner troubleshoots the vehicle to the benefit of future owners.


The most concerning aspect of this year’s results is the increased number of faults, which applies to both new and pre-owned motorhomes. Many of the vehicles in this year’s survey were bought in 2020 and 2021, years in which the pandemic made life very difficult, both in general and within the motorhome industry. Perhaps this hampered quality control? If this is the explanation, we’d expect to see a return to the norm over the next year or two.


Despite this worry, there’s much to praise. Congratulations to all our winners, with some established high-flyers rubbing shoulders with some new names.


Hymer can feel particularly proud of doing the double by winning both the new and pre-owned sides of the survey. Bürstner can also celebrate winning the overall title with excellent new and pre-owned motorhomes, along with the high number of respondents needed to be included in this extra-rigorous category.


Consort Motorhomes is the new star among van converters, taking the prize as best manufacturer. Honours as a direct sales dealer go to a more established name, Wellhouse Leisure.


Among motorhome dealers, the spoils are shared by Todds Motorhomes in Preston, Lancashire (new) and Meridian Motorhomes in Bosham, West Sussex (pre-owned).


Well done to all our Gold and Silver Award winners, and thanks again to everyone who completed the survey.