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How to Measure and Install a Motorhome Awning

An awning makes a great addition to any motorhome and can provide further living space, extra room for storage or perhaps just a place to enjoy the great outdoors whilst being sheltered from the elements.

If you are fitting an awning to your motorhome, there are certain factors you should consider before making your purchase. There are various types and styles of awning available; most awnings can be classified as either canopy awnings, those which are permanently attached to the motorhome at roof level, or drive-away awnings which are freestanding and can be attached to the motorhome as and when it is desired.

Once you have decided which type of awning you are interested in, it's time to measure your motorhome. You will need to measure both the length and height of your vehicle, taking into consideration:

  • Location of storage compartments – you will need to ensure that you don’t block any storage areas with your awning or you will not be able to access them if your awning is in use.
  • Windows and vents – be careful not to block windows with your awning or you will reduce the light that you get into your motorhome. Vents for gas appliances should also be left uncovered.

How to install a motorhome awning

The method of installing an awning will vary depending on the type of awning and the type of fittings your motorhome is already equipped with. If your motorhome is fitted with a 'C' rail, you can fit awnings which have round beading along the edge. Drive-away awnings can be fitted using a fixing kit which contains a kador strip (which attaches to the 'C' rail) and sections of plastic in a figure of eight shape (which then attach to the kador strip).

Alternatively, your motorhome may be fitted with a 'J' rail this type of fixture may also be called a rain gutter or drip rail. Awnings can be fitted to a 'J' rail using plastic figure of eight sections. One side of the figure of eight is attached to the plastic beading on the awning, while the other side of the figure of eight is attached to the 'J' rail. A drive-away awning attached in this way can be easily detached by unclipping the figure of eight from the 'J' rail.

If your motorhome is not fitted with an awning rail, you can purchase either a 'C' rail or 'J' rail and attach it to your motorhome. Awning rails are relatively simple to install, however the process does require drilling into the side of the motorhome so you may wish to have an awning rail fitted by a professional.

Awnings which are purchased new, rather than second-hand, should come with full installation instructions. Make sure you consult any instructions as certain brands may recommend specific processes for the installation of their products.

Insuring your awning

When buying and installing a new motorhome awning, it is important to ensure that your insurance policy covers for the awning itself and theft from it.

With Club Care Insurance, providing your motorhome is insured on a comprehensive basis, an awning attached to, or in the vicinity of, the motorhome is covered up to £1,500 as standard for loss or damage.

Theft from your awning is also covered, but limited to £350 per item up to a maximum total of £3,500 for all items on any one occasion.

Motorhome insurance for your awning

Club Care Motorhome Insurance includes cover for theft from the awning of £350 per item up to £3,500 for all items on any one occasion.