10 Joys of Camping with Dogs

The joy of camping with us is that your dog can join you on your adventure. You won’t miss a moment with your four-legged friend and they will add to your holiday experience. Here are 10 brilliant reasons why we think dogs make great camping companions.

1. Dogs provide all-round entertainment

Family and dogs playing next to motorhomeDogs have an all-action spirit and they’re not picky about who they get to spend time with. They can accompany mum on leisurely walks, join the family on a daytrip and they can even keep the kids entertained for hours at a dog-friendly beach or during a forest walk.

Wherever the action is, you can guarantee that your dog will be in the mix. Dogs are known to bring out the inner-joy of their owners because they do everything to the extreme. It will be fun to watch and your dog will give you plenty of laugh out loud moments. There’s nothing more entertaining than an excitable dog.

Adventuring with your dog will undoubtedly give you an adrenaline boost and your canine will certainly help you clear the cobwebs. You will have a great time trying to keep up! You’ll need to be on your toes and have plenty of ‘get up and go’, so be sure to pack your days with dog-friendly activities

2. Dogs are great with kids

Not only can your canine keep the kids entertained, they can help them settle at night. Dogs are the perfect comfort blanket, providing warmth and much-needed snuggles on demand.

Kids can also help with the dog too, provided they’re accompanied by a responsible adult, they can help with the many walks your canine companion will need and they can top up the food and water bowls as well. Getting your children involved with the responsibilities will help with bonding.

3. Dogs are great for making new friends

Dog on walk at Cobleland Club SiteHaving a dog will connect you with other members of the dog-loving community, whether that’s on the campsite, during a riverside walk or a hillside hike. Dogs connect people. Your four-legged friend happens to be a great topic for a conversation starter.

Chances are your canine companion might find himself a few chums for the duration of your holiday too. Entire holiday friendships have been known to form between families all thanks to a chat over dogs.

4. Dogs make great companions

If you’re travelling alone, your dog is the ideal companion and not just on the journey. They provide warmth and comfort – like a cosy blanket, plus they make those ten mile hikes more fun. They give you that extra motivation to complete your trek and they might even pull you some of the way.

5. Dogs appreciate new surroundings

If your dog has never been to the beach or the woods before, their reaction to new surroundings is priceless. They will be overcome with joy and will bound around like a ‘dog with a bone.’ 

Their joy is contagious and it will certainly put a smile on your face. Having your dog with you on your trip can have a therapeutic and uplifting effect.

6. You won’t feel guilty

Dog walk at Cambridge Club SiteHaving to leave your dog behind at the kennels or with friends/relatives would be heart-wrenching. Separation can not only leave you distressed, your dog could struggle to cope too. Camping gives your dog the freedom to enjoy family time, strengthening your bond.

7. You will explore for miles

New environments are good for your dog to explore and you can guarantee that your dog will be in mooch mode. If given the chance your canine companion will take you wandering for hours, whether it’s roaming by the river or a saunter through the forest, be prepared for the trek of a lifetime.

8. You and your dog will build a stronger bond

Time spent bonding with your pooch is precious and camping is an opportunity to enjoy fun forest walks, exhilarating hikes and days out at the beach, together. These are the moments that your dog relishes.

9. You won’t be left wondering what your dog’s getting up to

Dog out for a walk on Roundhill Club SiteLeaving your precious pet behind would leave you on edge for the duration of your trip, which counteracts the whole point of a holiday anyway. The joy of your dog joining you on your camping trip is that you won’t be left wondering, they will be right there with you – in the thick of the action.

10. You will save money

Taking your dog with you on your camping trip will save you money. You won’t have to pay expensive kennel fees or leave money with friends/family to top up on dog food. Plus, most dog-friendly campsites will accommodate your pooch for free, sweetening the deal for your canine companion to join you on your jaunt.

To ensure that camping with your dog is a memorable experience, choose a dog-friendly campsite. We have over 60 locations that can accommodate your canine. Some even have designated doggy areas where they can exercise and enjoy fun and fresh air.