Caravan Owner Satisfaction Awards

Caravan Awards 2020Welcome to the Caravan Owner Satisfaction Awards for 2020. We’re here to reveal which new and pre-owned caravans are the most satisfying and rewarding to own, and which dealers are the best to buy from – according to their owners.

The response to the survey from readers of Practical Caravan and members of The Camping and Caravanning Club has been really pleasing. Some 2848 caravanners supplied usable responses to the in-depth questionnaire, up from just under 2500 last year. We'd like to thank everyone who took the time and trouble to respond to the survey. Your efforts make the survey possible, and are appreciated by anyone looking for the unvarnished truth about which caravan to buy.

If you are one of those who completed the survey, you'll know how detailed it is. Questions cover the design and features of the caravan itself, reliability, build quality, dealer service – even the clarity of the owner's handbook.

We've made some changes this year, with even tougher minimum sample sizes for some categories so you can have great confidence in the results. Magazine readers and club members can be sure our findings are based on the collective wisdom of many owners, and give a firm indication of the typical experience of owning a particular brand of caravan.

Some things haven't changed. As ever, our survey is divided into new and pre-owned caravans. Brand new caravans with all the latest features and technology are great, but we want to be sure that anyone shopping for a pre-owned caravan gets the same enjoyment and an equally high level of customer service.

For the second year, we're giving an overall award to the manufacturer with the highest scores across both new and pre-owned caravans. Only a manufacturer that has been building high-quality reliable caravans, year after year, can aspire to this top prize.

Across all categories, as well as naming winners we have Gold and Silver Awards for high-achievers. To earn Gold requires an average score of 80% or over. The Silver Award needs a score between 70% and 80%. To achieve either standard requires quality and consistency.

Those who don't meet the minimum sample size aren't ignored. If their average score is high enough for a Gold or Silver, but the number of respondents is low, they still receive a 'mention in dispatches'.

The best caravans are only as good as the dealer network that stands behind them. So as well as awards for caravan manufacturers, we also reward the best caravan dealers.

It's easy to be ready with a smile and a cuppa when someone's wallet is twitching. What's more important is to be as helpful and willing when something goes wrong. The best dealers are there for their customers in bad times as well as good, and attentive customer service and a willingness to listen go a long way. A friendly and efficient dealer can make a huge difference to the ownership experience.

As with the manufacturer awards, the results are divided between new and pre-owned.

So, drum roll please... It's time to announce Britain's most satifying caravans and the highest rated caravan dealers.