Caravan Owner Satisfaction Awards

Caravan Owner Satisfaction Awards 2019 logo Welcome to our Owner Satisfaction Awards results. We’re here to reveal which caravans are the most rewarding to own, and which dealers are the best to buy from – according to their owners.

We've added the results of our latest 2019 awards below, so you'll be up to date with the latest owner feedback.

The annual survey is your chance to have your voice heard – and believe us, the manufacturers and dealers are listening! One person’s opinion might not count for much, but our Owner Satisfaction Awards are based on the experiences of almost 2,500 caravan owners, drawn from the readers of Practical Caravan, members of The Camping and Caravanning Club and more. You can bet that when that many customers speak the caravan manufacturers and dealers hear loud and clear.

As you’ll know if you’ve contributed to the survey, the questions delve into great detail to establish a complete picture of the ownership experience.

There are several awards to be won. The first is for new caravans. As well as naming the best individual manufacturer, there are Gold and Silver Awards for high achievers. For 2019, the Gold standard is achieved by any brand with a satisfaction rating of 80% or more. Silver Awards are for those who achieve a 70-79.9% satisfaction score.

The same scoring is applied to the other categories, including pre-owned caravans. After all, just because you’re not the first owner it doesn’t mean caravanning should be any less satisfying.

Great caravans deserve to be backed by great service, which is why any brand’s network of dealers is so important. The best dealerships aren’t just there for you when you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket, they’re also quick to help when your ’van has problems to be addressed. Dealer awards are also split between New and Pre-owned.

Those categories will be familiar to anyone who has read the results of previous years’ surveys. However, there are a few significant changes for 2019, including a new award. We’re now naming our Best Caravan Manufacturer, combining the results of both new and pre-owned surveys to reveal the most satisfying brand of all.

Another key change is that the minimum sample size has been increased this year. That should make the findings more robust than ever. However, we don’t want smaller brands and dealers to miss out on praise when praise is due. So as before, caravan makers and dealerships with strong enough scores for a Gold or Silver Award but an insufficient sample size for inclusion in the main results are ‘mentioned in dispatches’.

We’ve also combined the results of different brands produced by the same manufacturer, so Swift and Sprite have the same score this year, as do all the Erwin Hymer Group UK’s brands (Elddis, Compass, Xplore and Buccaneer).

Read on to discover Britain’s most satisfying caravans – and the best dealers to buy them from.