The Club on the telly and spring in the air

As I’m a dog who likes an active life, I don’t usually watch TV. But I was riveted to the screen
last week when I saw a familiar face... Camping & Caravanning's Test Editor Candy Evans in conversation with Michael Portillo.

Candy was explaining to the presenter of BBC series Great British Railway Journeys about the origins of the Club, and a fine job she did too!

Ted watches Camping & Caravanning's Candy Evans on telly with Michael PortilloAs you can see, I was engrossed, and while the maid scrambled to find her camera, I watched intently from my perch on the ‘buffet’, as the chauffeur calls it. However, after a couple of shots the maid’s camera battery failed. Honestly, you just can’t get the staff these days!

Now we’re into February, it feels like spring is truly on its way. We’ve seen daffodils flowering early and even blossom on some trees, so it must be almost time to get Milly the caravan out of storage and check her over.

Down in Lincolnshire we’ve been lucky to have avoided all but the smallest snow flurry so far this winter, although I know a lot of other border terriers have reported leaving pawprints behind in an inch or so of the white stuff.

Kizzy the westie has yet to go on holiday with us, and to be honest I don’t want to be seen with her at the moment. She has been variously described as a ‘yeti’ and a ‘woolly mammoth’, so is off to the groomer this week. Hopefully she will then look more presentable!

Kizzy and I are both from ‘the north’; well, our origins are, it remains to be seen whether this year’s holidays will take us back to our respective roots. I think Norfolk will have several visits from us this year, as it’s almost on the doorstep, and the Club has some excellent sites there. The one that takes my fancy most is Thetford Forest, as there’s a dog walk. Kizzy spends even more time sniffing out scents than I do, so she’ll enjoy it too and there’s lots for people to do as

I think this year, with a caravan rather than a motorhome, we’ll be venturing to places which will be slightly off the beaten track rather than having to rely on buses and trains to get us from A to B. So I’m hoping to be able to report on dog-friendly sites this year and investigate a host of new sights, sounds, and most importantly… smells!

If you missed Candy on the TV, I think there’s something technical called BBC iPlayer where you can see it. It’s worth a look!

Next time, I’ll be looking at some Easter events and grrreat places to stay.


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