It's goodbye from me… and her

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t ‘blogged’ for a while, but I’ve been trying very hard to get Kizzy to pose for a photo wearing a Santa hat. This is the best the chauffeur could do – honestly, I’ve said it before, you just can’t get the staff! Meanwhile, my son Walter has been posing in his ‘elf’ costume, which I thought you might like to see. You won’t get me in such tacky seasonal outerwear – I do have certain standards to keep...
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Can we have the Bill, please?

When the maid and chauffeur first mentioned Portland Bill, I thought they meant the chap who came round to clean our windows.
But no! It’s an unusual little outpost on the Dorset coast, easily accessed from the seaside town of Weymouth, and well worth a visit.
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Weymouth flies the flag for staycations

The summer certainly took its time to get going this year, so I hope Club members and their doggy chums have managed to enjoy some sunshine.
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Shining a light on Flamborough

We’re really getting our teeth into Certificated Sites (CS) now!
After a fabulous May outing to a CS in Shepley, West Yorkshire, we travelled to the east coast
for a few days of sun, sea and sniffing out great beach locations.
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