A tent for a tall person

It seemed a straightforward question that should be bread and butter for a time-served Test Editor at Camping & Caravanning. The gist was:
“My sons are 6ft 3in and 6ft 6in tall. The shorter of the two has just tried to buy a tent from a major camping retailer but there doesn’t seem to be one on the market that caters for anyone over 6ft. He needs a tent he can sleep full length in without touching both ends and also stand up in. Any recommendations other than a frame tent? Both lads are single so are not interested in family tents.”
The Field Station is even larger, taking up to eightAfter an all-too-brief think I decided to raid my contacts book and ask some tent manufacturers for their ideas. I was somewhat surprised to receive just two positive responses. Clive Garrett from Robens put forward the Klondike (pictured left in the main image) and Field Station, both of which are tipi-style tents, and Hazel Blackaller (representing Coleman) highlighted the Cortes Octagon 8 that – as its name suggests – has eight sides and can sleep eight. Great tents though these are, none is really a compact tent for the taller camper in which he (or she) could both sleep and stand up.
One of the other major tent manufacturers simply said: “honestly, I would recommend a bell tent” as his own ranges didn’t include anything suitable.
Coleman’s Cortes Octagon 8 is again a fairly substantial tentThe main issue seems to be the combination of small-ish footprint with a decent length sleeping cabin and good headheight. The problems are less acute if, as our correspondent points out, you’re happy to manhandle a full-size family tent, but it seems a bit excessive for the odd night away on your own.
If you know of any tents that might fit this brief please let me know. I’m intrigued now – is this a market ripe for exploitation?

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