Things to consider when having your caravan or motorhome serviced at an Approved Workshop

Choosing your ideal caravan or motorhome is a huge decision. It’s an investment you’ll want to see maintain quality and value, whether for family holidays or rental prospects. As a result, it is always the best option to ensure your caravan is serviced and repaired at an Approved Workshop, writes Peter Coot, Workshop Manager for Roundstone Caravans in Sussex.

Peter Coot, Workshop ManagerFormed in 1998, The Approved Workshop Scheme is led by The Club, The National Caravan Council and The Caravan Club; it guarantees a high quality of workmanship from trained engineers who have achieved top industry certification.

One such workshop in the South East of England is Roundstone Caravans, a family-run caravan specialist established in the 1930s. One of the few NCC Approved Workshops in the area, the dedicated team advise and carry out services and repairs in a timely fashion, to the peace of mind of customers.

When considering your local Approved Workshop, as distance and convenience is essential, it is beneficial to liaise with the technicians regarding your specific model and create a servicing plan that’s suitable. Once you have annual servicing agreed, the workshop can remind you to book in your vehicle with minimal disruption to your plans.

If you have a new caravan, you will need to maintain the warranties and ensure it has an annual service within the limitations set by the manufacturer; failing to do this could result in costly repairs later on down the line. In fact, most manufacturer’s will require you to have a full service history on your caravan.

Indeed, taking a proactive approach is beneficial overall. It allows technicians to diagnose potential problems before they become overly detrimental to your caravan and in the worst case scenario, result in it becoming unsafe to drive.

To aid the process and to get the most from your service, pre-book and arrive with your caravan or motorhome as empty as possible, including front and side lockers. This enables engineers to carry out thorough damp checks and inspect all elements of the caravan.

On arrival at an Approved Workshop, your personal insight is welcomed before a service. At Roundstone Caravans, the team will assist you to park up and help you unhitch, then inspect your caravan for damage and list any further work you may require to be undertaken during servicing.

Once you have left your vehicle with NCC-approved technicians, you’re guaranteed the facilities and equipment being used are state of the art and the best to carry out any repairs that may be necessary. As Approved Workshops encourage transparent and frequent updates with clients, you’ll know exactly what is being done and to what cost, meaning there’s no nasty surprises.

Peter, a caravan technician at Roundstone Caravans, said: “It’s essential to have good communication with the caravan owner throughout the service process. If our team finds fault with anything, we contact the owner with the details and a quote and will discuss the work with them at pick-up. As standard procedure, we also show customers any replaced parts so they’re in no doubt at the work they’ve received.”

A final consideration when using an NCC Approved Workshop is the peace of mind in receiving a full invoice and all relevant paperwork to identify the work undertaken with your caravan or motorhome, which ensures you have documentation for your warranty. This formal process is required for manufacturer’s and is guaranteed at approved servicing locations.

In essence, choosing Approved Workshops that are fully equipped with modern tools and have experienced, certified technicians is the only way to ensure the safety and well-being of your caravan or motorhome. As all costs are upfront and no work will be carried out without your permission, you stay in control of your vehicle and involved in all decisions.

If you’re based in the South East, you can contact Roundstone Caravans for services and the team also complete repairs and work on breakdowns. Call 01403 730218. And click here for more information.

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