All eyes will be on Yorkshire in a couple of weeks' time as the Tour de France sets the cobbled streets alight. Actually, I don't think they'll be cycling across many cobbles... can you imagine the chaos, not to mention the discomfort? I can picture it now! Last year's winner Chris Froome (I always think it should be Vrrrr-oooom!) will be pedalling just a couple of miles from where Ted and I live.

HunstantonTalking of cycling, the chauffeur decided to try and encourage Ted to trot alongside him when he got his bike out of the 'van on our last trip. The flat campsite at Hunstanton was an ideal training ground, he thought, so carefully and slowly set off with Ted on the lead at his side.

You see it all the time, don't you? Obedient dogs trotting busily at their owner's pace. Did it go to plan? No! Luckily there were no disasters, but Ted wanted to jump up on the bike too, and I don't think even he is slim and agile enough to perch on the handlebars. He prefers to watch the birdie, in more ways than one – as the picture shows!

Ted in vanSo it was given up as a bad job... a great relief to me as I like to be transported, or walk if it's a relatively short distance, from site to seaside.

This weekend we are heading to the coast again – this time to Filey in North Yorkshire.
The maid and chauffeur have been tempted by pictures of Centenary Caravan and Camping Park. It sounds lovely – there's a Seafront Sculpture Trail on the promenade and a sweeping sandy beach.
We canine chums are allowed on sections of the beach in Filey, one of nine in North Yorkshire that allows pooches to paddle (you can find details of other dog-friendly beaches here). There's a coastal path too, so that fresh air will give us an appetite.
So I'm looking forward to trying out the best bacon in town!