Home Insurance

Having home insurance is a necessary way to protect both your home itself, and the contents within it. Whether you’ve just bought your first, or a new, property, or would just like to protect what you’ve already got, having comprehensive home insurance can lift a weight off your mind. But, like anything, it’s important to make sure you know and understand your options in choosing the right policy.

Home Insurance policies from Club Care are tailored to members’ needs and concerns, and offer first-rate protection for their homes, and the contents within.

Exclusive member rewards

There are a number of exclusive perks and discounts that Club members will enjoy when taking out Club Care Home Insurance:

  • A 5% overall discount simply for being a Club member
  • Up to 25% no claims discount
  • Cover for up to 180 days away from your home
  • A 10% discount where you have insured your caravan and home together
  • Option for Club Care Emergency Assistance, from £14.50— cover to protect your home from costs arising from a number of unforeseen domestic emergencies

For a full list of member rewards, visit Club Care Insurance

Home insurance benefits

Club Care’s standard Home Insurance includes:

  • Up to £1 million buildings cover available
  • Up to £150,000 contents cover available
  • Worldwide cover available for personal belongings and money
  • £100 standard excess
  • £100,000 legal expenses, from £17.50

Visit Club Care Insurance for a full list of benefits.

Choosing the right Home Insurance for you

No two homes are the same, which means that everyone taking out a home insurance policy with Club Care will need to take different things into account when finding the perfect cover. It’s important to remember that, as well as the price, considering the level and type of cover you need is crucial in determining which policy will best suit your needs.

A home insurance policy can cover buildings insurance, as well as contents insurance. This means that should the building itself, or your contents become damaged, or if your valuable possessions are stolen, there is cover available. For instance, Club Care offers cover for accidental damage done to your property, including televisions, satellite systems, audio, and computer equipment.

Buying Home Insurance from Club Care

Drawing on expert, seasoned knowledge of the insurance sector, Club Care Insurance offers a range of personalised insurance packages to provide you with optimum cover. With over 30 years’ experience, our professionals will assess your needs and concerns, and provide cover and service perfectly tailored to the individual.

If you would like to discuss your options and requirements in taking out Home Insurance cover, you can get in touch with Club Care professionals via phone or email, or request a call back from their contact page.

Club Care also offers Caravan Insurance, Camping Insurance, Motorhome Insurance, and Trailer Tent Insurance, as well as other types of cover.

It’s important that you remember to check your policy documentation either before, or immediately after, you have purchased your cover to make sure all the details and cover are correct.