Free Museums and Galleries throughout the UK

The UK is home to around 2,500 museums and galleries showcasing historical collections of objects from all corners of the globe. Below is a roundup of the most popular museums offering free entry to permanent exhibits in the UK.
This is by no means a definitive list; you’ll find small museums scattered throughout the country and some of the most enjoyable and niche museums are the ones stumbled upon by chance. Get out there and explore, you never know, you might find a hidden gem close to...
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Get the most from your new SiteSeeker campsite book

The Club has relaunched its biennial campsite guide SiteSeeker 2017-2018: The Big Sites Book for Members of The Camping and Caravanning Club. Extensive consultation with members and senior Voluntary Officers has been undertaken to introduce improvements to the book, which has seen a move away from the previous structure of using OS sheets to find a campsite within the book.
Here are our top tips on how to make the most of the book, which features more than 2,600 campsites around the UK and parts...
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Jam packed with history, Norwich makes a great short city break

Norfolk’s county town, Norwich, is one of Eastern England’s quirkiest cities: it isn’t everywhere that would ask Ed Balls to teach Santa how to dance Gangnam Style but that says a lot about the city’s sense of humour.  Its mediaeval streets and historic buildings nestle within a bend of the meandering River Wensum.  Norwich is compact and walkable, making exploration on foot a pleasure.  Our Guest Blog | 13 January 2017 More

Nottingham; a city break full of surprises

With plenty of family friendly attractions as well as a long and fascinating history, Nottingham is an excellent choice for a short break. Camping within easy visiting distance of Nottingham couldn’t be simpler. Our Teversal Club Site is open all year and located just 19 miles north of the city. Buses depart immediately outside the site requiring a change in Sutton, alternatively,...
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