Hello again! My fur is beginning to moult so that can only mean one thing - spring is here and I need to shed my tatty old winter coat. It also means it’s time to think seriously about setting off on our travels.

Molly & Ted St David'sThe maid has put brushings from my coat outside in a wall of ivy, so that baby blue tits can keep warm and snug if their parents are sharp-eyed enough to spot my cast-offs when building their nests.

I love this time of year (even though I have been told time and time again that chocolate Easter eggs are VERY bad for dogs!) because everything looks so fresh and new.
It makes Ted and I want to explore new territories and sniff out new smells - just like you humans, I suppose!

I’ve decided I’d like to go back to St David’s, on the Pembrokeshire coast. We went when I was a pup three years ago, and Ted - who doesn’t like water, as a rule - and I both enjoyed paddling in a stream that runs alongside the cathedral.

This tiny settlement is actually a city – Britain’s smallest - so for a lazy dog like me, who doesn’t like lengthy ‘walkies’, it’s ideal.

The city is really picturesque and has a lovely sparkling coastline. We stayed on a campsite called Caerfai Bay Caravan and Tent Park, which was named AA Welsh Campsite of the Year last year.

St Davids Club Site

St Davids Club Site

This summer we’re thinking we’ll try St David’s Club Site, Dwr Cwmwdig Berea, which opens on 27 April. It’s also coastal, with lovely views, and seems just the place to get away from it all - and previous visitors say the sunsets are superb. I want to go now!

All I’ve got to do now is persuade the chauffeur and the maid that St David’s is the place to go – I'll put my paw on the map and see if they get the message.

Next month I’ll show you Ted’s impression of a popular TV character ... and identify places to go where you can see real stars!