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Hello campers!

The peacocks!

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to my first ever Club blog post!

Now, I’ve been sat here for a while wondering what I should write about, a large task in itself as there’s so much to tell you about the Club – and exactly what I do here!

Well I guess I should start at the beginning. I’ve been working for the Club for just over two-and-a-half years and during that time, I’ve had so many adventures – in fact they almost seem to be part and parcel of my job now.

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Kimberley Keay avatar Posted by
Kimberley Keay

Kimberley Keay

Kimberley Keay avatar

Kimberley Keay is the Communications and PR Executive at the Club and brings a bit of glamour to the team. She loves mud, outdoor pursuits, cycling and high heeled shoes. Most likely to be found in one of the Club’s glamping units.

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A magazine makeover

The new-look Camping & Caravanning magazine

Well, it’s been a bit of a long time coming but the time has finally arrived for our new-look magazine to start hitting doormats around the country.

You may have already seen Camping & Caravanning’s updated, fresh new appearance, and it’s great to know that all our hard work and effort over the past six months or so has come to fruition.

We’ve enhanced the sections, moving one or two around and giving them a more modern feel. Our Take Off diary section has become Pitch & Go! and we’ve given Forum an updated identity to reflect the fact that we now receive communications from members in more ways than simply by post or email.

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Stuart Kidman

Stuart Kidman

Stuart Kidman avatar

Stuart Kidman is the magazine's Deputy Editor. He has been a journalist for ten years, writing for local newspapers before joining the Club in 2009. He loves camping and enjoys nothing better than trekking off into the wilderness to 'rough it' for a couple of nights.

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New camping kit for 2013

I do enjoy looking at new camping kit that comes on to the market. Yes, I also enjoy checking out and testing new caravans, tents and motorhomes. But I also thoroughly enjoy looking at what's new and different on the camping and outdoors accessories market.

As I write this I'm heading back through a snow-covered North London on the train having visited the Outdoors Show the ExCeL centre where a range of products was on show.

Several things caught my eye as I walked around the stands and chatted to exhibitors. On display was a Towbag fold-away trailer that we have already featured in the magazine. It's something I'd like to test out this summer on a family camping trip.

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Simon McGrath avatar Posted by
Simon McGrath

Simon McGrath

Simon McGrath avatar

Editor, Camping & Caravanning I've been a journalist for more than 20 years and a magazine editor for at least a dozen of them. I have a love of the great outdoors, not to mention camping in all its forms, which is a great way to get out there. But I don't just like admiring the countryside, I love getting active by sailing, trekking and walking, canoeing (when I get the chance) and mountain-biking.

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