It’s fair to say that even though 2013 is only a few weeks old, it’s done little to curb the enthusiasm of those looking to enjoy a touring holiday in a tent or caravan.

Having travelled to The Caravan Show in Manchester with my colleague Stuart Almond from the Communications Team, (amid lingering fears of snow and potential traffic disruption), I’m pleased to report that the crowds flocked to the event and clearly it will take more than a little chilly weather to deter those looking to enjoy a great holiday over the coming weeks and months.

And what a great time we had meeting new members who joined the Club at the show. It was an absolute pleasure to say hello to new faces and readers of the magazine and of course it’s lovely to see familiar ones as well.

It’s always great working with Stuart and we’ve produced a series of video interviews that you will soon be able to watch on our YouTube channel. For those of you who stood watching my numerous pieces to camera, I’d like to say that I don’t always wear that earpiece (although I did feel very cool with it).

Whoever we spoke with, the one thing we heard time and again was the excellent sense of community and freedom afforded by going camping or caravanning.

For my money, it simply cannot be beaten and the warmth you get from arriving on a Club or Camping in the Forest site beats any freezing temperatures into oblivion.