The Motorhome and Caravan Show 2016 – a few brief highlights

From the small to the very, very big. From the basic to the luxurious. From the quite affordable to the mortgage-able.
All sorts of magnificent motorhomes and caravans (and trailer tents, awnings, campervans and more) were occupying floorspace at this year’s Motorhome and Caravan Show 2016, and visitors poured in to hunt for their new home from home.
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Outdoor 2016: Europe’s largest outdoors industry trade show Part 3

After a long and actually surprisingly tiring three days, our stint at Outdoor 2016 came to an end. We had trudged nearly 30km over the course of the event, visiting about 40 brands eager to show us their new and exciting innovations.
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Outdoor 2016: Europe’s largest outdoors industry show Part 2

Our second day at Outdoor was even busier than the first, and the show is so vast there is no possibility of being able to cover every bit of ground. However, what we have come across demonstrates that many of the products Club members are likely to use for their camping are going to get more comfortable, lighter in weight and easier to carry or pack than before.
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Outdoor 2016: Europe’s largest outdoors industry show

There’s no getting around the fact, Messe Friedrichshafen is a huge place. 
This massive exhibition space in the German city, close to the Swiss border, has to be at least half a mile from end to end. There are seven huge halls on either side, one even bigger one at one end and yet more exhibitors in the central courtyards and foyer.
To truly comprehend how huge the place is, and how many stands and people there are, you need to visit.
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