Halloween Camping

If you’re thinking of taking the family away for the half term break to have some fun and adventure look no further than your Club!

Members can decorate their units and enjoy reading spooky stories by moonlight at one of our 1,600 member-exclusive Certificated Sites close to a beach, a National Park, or in a secluded hideaway.

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October Half Term Dates 2016

  • England and Wales: 24th October till 28th October

  • Scotland: Between 10th – 14th October

During the school holiday in England and Wales, Halloween is celebrated each year on the 31st October.

The term Halloween has come about over the years from ‘All Hallows’ evening, also known as Hallowe’en or All Hallows eve. However, the history of Halloween actually goes back to the ancient Celtic festival to celebrate the end of the harvest season and for people to prepare for winter. They believed the boundaries between the living and the dead coincided and that the departed would come back to life and cause chaos by spoiling crops or causing illness.

Nowadays, Halloween is more about fun and games. Traditional activities can include trick or treating, wearing fancy dress costumes, apple bobbing, carving out jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins, telling ghostly stories and watching scary movies.

If you’re after more views than vampires, and more green than ghouls – we have plenty of Club Sites with availability and with mid-season prices too - planning a camping trip at this time of year with the family can be treat-tastic!

Please note, the half-term dates listed are a guideline only and can vary according to area and school type.

Halloween Events

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