Setting up a Certificated Site

Setting up a Certificated Site

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Do I Qualify?

If you have at least half an acre of fairly level land, and it’s not next door to a licensed site, there’s a good chance you qualify!

We offer certification for Full sites (caravans, motorhomes and tents), Caravan Only sites (no tents) and also Tent Only sites (no caravans or motorhomes – also suitable for sites where access is particularly poor).

There are many different reasons why landowners choose to look into having their own Certificated Sites, whether it is for extra income, or just the pleasure of meeting new people, making friends, or sharing the beautiful surroundings with others.

The Club holds exemptions from Natural England (formerly DEFRA) which allows us to help land owners like you set up their own small campsites. These exemptions allow you, once certificated, to:

  • Accommodate up to 5 caravans or motorhomes, and 10 tents at any one time.
  • Be open all year round if you wish, or you can specify your opening months.
  • Keep all of the site fees.

The Club doesn’t charge a penny for any of our services. We offer a ‘hand-holding’ process from start to finish and have a dedicated department specifically for our Certificated Sites.

The certification process can take from as little as 3 months from filling out the application form, to welcoming your first campers.

Our ‘All You Need to Know’ guide will give you more information about what setting up and operating a CS is all about, you will need to read this guide before completing the application form. The guide is free of charge and should answer any questions you might have at this stage, it also has a step by step of the application process we follow so you know what’s happening, and how long it takes.

To access our ‘All You Need to Know’ guide, please enter your details here.