Seasonal and Storage - Terms and Conditions

If you are booking seasonal and/or storage services that the Camping and Caravanning Club Limited (the "Club") offer the supplemental terms below will apply in addition to our general terms and conditions. By placing a booking for such services you are deemed to have accepted these supplemental terms.

When words with capital letters are used in these terms they have the meaning set out in our general terms and conditions unless otherwise stated.


1.1 Subject to you agreeing to these supplemental terms and completing an application scheme, the Club offers a seasonal and storage booking scheme to recreational campers only.

1.2 If you book these services and are not the owner of the unit, then you will be deemed to be the legal agent of the owner of the unit.

1.3 Your unit is left on the relevant site entirely at your own risk at all times. We are not liable in respect of loss and or damage however caused to the unit or its contents and are not obliged to take any steps whatsoever to protect the unit or its contents.

1.4 Units, as part of any scheme, should be adequately insured and a copy of the appropriate certificate of insurance must be given to the HSM upon arrival at the Site.


2.1 Application forms are in the Big Sites book and available on our website. To submit a booking you should complete the application form and return it to Greenfields House, Westwood Way, Coventry, CV4 8JH.

2.2 Bookings will be processed on a first come, first served basis and in order of receipt. Only postal bookings along with payment will be accepted and payment will be taken when the form is processed.

2.3 Seasonal pitch second instalments are due 28 days prior to the start of the booking date to Greenfields House Westwood Way, Coventry, CV4 8JH, card payments will be taken automatically. Under no circumstances can storage or a seasonal pitch be occupied before the full payment is received.

2.4 From a specific date each year (published on the application form), the sites themselves may take responsibility for handling bookings for storage and seasonal pitches although any amendments, cancellations and refunds should be requested from our head office team.

2.5 It is advisable to send application forms by recorded delivery (or similar) as the Club cannot take responsibility for any forms delayed by the postal service.

2.6 Please be aware that due to the high volume of applications received it is not always possible to confirm receipt of singular application forms, in addition confirmation of your booking may take longer when bookings first commence.

2.7 Site opening and closing dates for seasonal pitches and storage are published in the Club's annual guide "Your Place in the Country".

2.8 We will charge you full fees for storage pitches at the time you make your booking. For a seasonal pitch, you can either pay in full at the time you make your booking or split the payment into two instalments.


3.1 If you wish to cancel your storage or seasonal pitch please write to us at Greenfields House, Westwood Way, Coventry, CV4 8JH or email us at

3.2 If you give:-

3.2.1 more than 14 days' notice before the start of the booking, we will refund the fees you have paid, less an administration charge of £35.00.

3.2.2 less than 14 days' notice, or it is cancelled once the season is underway, no refund will be provided.


4.1 Seasonal pitches cannot be reserved in advance of the booking. If you have a special request, please make this clear on the application form and it will be included on your booking although we cannot guarantee to meet this. You will be allocated a pitch at the site on arrival.

4.2 The fee for seasonal pitches includes the hire of electric-hook up and the hire of hardstanding.

4.3 Please give the holiday site manager at least 24 hours advance notice each time you are planning to occupy your seasonal pitch. For safety and security reasons, please report to the holiday site manager upon arrival each time you visit.

4.4 The unit may be occupied on Site for recreational purposes only, subject to a maximum of 21 nights for any one visit. An interval of at least 3 nights must elapse before a return visit to the unit situated on the pitch.

4.5 Please inform the holiday site manager prior to removing your unit from a seasonal pitch. It is also important that you advise of your anticipated return date, otherwise your pitch may not be available. If the site is busy, your vacant seasonal pitch may be used in your absence.

4.6 When leaving your unit unoccupied, please ensure that awnings are dismantled, the electric and gas supplies are disconnected and the pitch left tidy.

4.7 Any keys to security locks must be left with the holiday site manager; however neither they nor the Club take responsibility for your unit. Keys will only be used in case of emergencies and will be kept securely.

4.8 If a unit is left on a Club site without permission, i.e. exceeding the period for which the fee was paid, the Club shall be entitled to make such arrangements as it may deem fit for the removal or storage of the unit and charge the owner a commercial rate for the storage. In all cases, the Club will write to the owner to advise them of the above procedure.

4.9 The expense of such removal or storage will be for the owners account and, in the event of the owner failing to pay such an amount within 14 days of it being rendered, the owner is deemed to have authorised the Club to make such further arrangements as it may deem fit to dispose of the unit to reimburse itself for any out of pocket expenses and recover any unpaid fees due.


5.1 Personalisation of a seasonal pitch is not permitted. This includes boundary fences, the planting of flower boxes, etc. The storage of any equipment beneath the unit whilst the unit is not occupied is prohibited. The visual aspect of a seasonal pitch should be the same as any other tourer on site and kept as neat and tidy as possible at all times

5.2 Awnings will be permitted and they may be erected on hardstanding (preferred) or grassed areas, but they must be dismantled when the unit is vacated at the end of every visit. Groundsheets should be lifted at regular intervals to maintain the condition of the grass.

5.3 Only one vehicle may be parked on the pitch in conjunction with the use of a unit. Other vehicles may be parked elsewhere on the site, subject to the holiday site managers discretion and availability of space.


6.1 Units can be removed from storage with 24hrs notice (48 hours for Tavistock) between the hours of 7 am and 6 pm. Units should be returned no later than 6 pm. If you need to return your unit later than 6 pm, this can only be done up to 8 pm and must be by prior arrangement with the site.

6.2 On some sites we offer an additional towing service, which is subject to staff availability and should be discussed with the holiday site manager in advance to ensure the service can be provided. Weight restrictions may apply. Due to access restrictions units in storage at Tavistock can only be moved by the site team.

6.3 A unit in storage may not be used for accommodation in any way whatsoever whilst in the storage area.

6.4 Al units in the storage area must display the correct vehicle registration mark and this must correspond to the entry on the application form.

6.5 Essential repairs to units that are not roadworthy may be carried out in the storage area but permission must first be obtained from the holiday site manager.

6.6 Audible warning alarms must not be activated when left unoccupied.

6.7 Where wheel clamps or immobilising devices are fitted, a key must be left with the holiday site manager in case of emergency.

6.8 Please note due to the soft ground within the Tavistock storage area, wheel clamps cannot be used; however hitch locks are permitted.

6.9 If the unit is in storage it is permitted for it to be removed for the use of others with the relevant express permission from the unit's owner and on payment of the correct pitch fees if camping on Club sites.


7.1 No goods of a dangerous or flammable nature may be left in or on a unit whilst it is unoccupied.

7.2 To add to this, for safety reasons, when the member is away from the site only gas bottles that fit within the unit gas locker will be permitted.

7.3 Sub-letting to any other party or parties whether for financial gain or otherwise is expressly forbidden. Either of the joint members within the membership of the booking, together with their children up to the age of 18 are allowed to use the unit.

7.4 Other members of the owner's family and guests can only use the unit when the owner is present, and must pay the appropriate fees per person. All visitors must report to the holiday site manager on arrival.

7.5 The holiday site manager must be informed of any change of unit or vehicle registration number shown on the unit. Changes of a members address or contact number must also be given to the holiday site manager and you should notify the Club in writing at Greenfields House, Westwood Way, Coventry, CV4 8JH.

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