Get out with the kids 3

Coming out of hibernation

The Club has joined forces with tent camper Gav Grayston from website Get Out With the Kids to tour England in a Compass caravan. We’ve challenged Gav and his family to visit 20 great Treasure Houses and English gardens in 12 months. 

They managed to visit a handful of Guest Blog | 28 April 2017 More

Discover Central England castles fit for a king

With one of the oldest castles in England standing tall in Warwick, fortifications in the region have a rich backlog of history to enjoy. All of the castles listed below are within easy driving distance of some of our Club Sites which makes exploring the past from your pitch a doddle. 
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Free Museums and Galleries throughout the UK

The UK is home to around 2,500 museums and galleries showcasing historical collections of objects from all corners of the globe. Below is a roundup of the most popular museums offering free entry to permanent exhibits in the UK.
This is by no means a definitive list; you’ll find small museums scattered throughout the country and some of the most enjoyable and niche museums are the ones stumbled upon by chance. Get out there and explore, you never know, you might find a hidden gem close to...
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Jam packed with history, Norwich makes a great short city break

Norfolk’s county town, Norwich, is one of Eastern England’s quirkiest cities: it isn’t everywhere that would ask Ed Balls to teach Santa how to dance Gangnam Style but that says a lot about the city’s sense of humour.  Its mediaeval streets and historic buildings nestle within a bend of the meandering River Wensum.  Norwich is compact and walkable, making exploration on foot a pleasure.  Our Guest Blog | 13 January 2017 More