App Support

Compatible devices for SiteSeeker and Out & About Apps

Currently the list of compatible devices are as follows:

Apple / iOS (version 3.0 and above)

OS: iOS version 8+
Devices: iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus

The iOS app is an iPhone app but can be installed on iPads, make sure you select to show phone apps in iTunes to make the app discoverable.

What version of the Apple OS or iOS do I have?
1. Open the Settings App on your Device.
2. Select the General Option.
3. Choose the About Option at the top of the list.
4. Scroll down until you see the Version Entry. This is the version of iOS that you are running.

Android (version 3.0 and above)
OS: Jelly Bean 4.1+
Devices: The app has been built to cater for devices with low, medium and high resolution screens. The app will run on Android tablets but has not been optimised for this. Unfortunately we do not support Kindle Fire HD devices or any device running on a bespoke version of the Android OS.  Devices also must have GPS capabilities.

What version of the Android OS do I have?
1. Go to your menu.
2. Tap settings and then go to about phone.
3. Scroll down to where it states your Android version.

SiteSeeker App

Getting Started

When you first start the app you will be asked to sync data. The app downloads the latest list of campsites onto your device. This is so that you can still use the app when you are without a data connection.  Syncing is best carried out whilst connected to the internet over a WiFi connection.

If you have a problem syncing please try again using the 'Sync now' option under settings.
After the initial sync the app will check for any new data based on the update options under settings. You can also manually check for updates under Settings.

SiteSeeker App

Finding Sites

 The app allows you to search and find sites in a number of different ways.

Search by a location name to find sites near to the given location. Alternatively, search by name to see a list of sites that match the entered term. You can filter your search results by tapping the ‘Filter’ button in the top right of your search results and changing the settings.

Browse through all sites by site types and geographical areas. Browsing can be done with no data connection.

Nearby searches your current location and shows you all the sites around you on a map.





SiteSeeker iOS 3.0 FavouritesAdd a site to your favourites by tapping the star icon in the top right corner of a site’s listing. This is a good way of saving multiple sites that you may want to view later or creating a touring itinerary.

View your list of favourites by tapping the More tab at the bottom of the screen or the favourites button on the home screen.

Swipe a site in the favourites list and tap it to remove it.








Log in

SiteSeeker Android 3.0 LoginClub members using the app can get access to over 1,500 Certificated sites once logged in using their membership number on the first visit.

To log in members will be asked to enter their membership number.  Once entered tap the log in button and the members only sites will show.

Household memberships will allow log in on various devices in a household.

App passcode

We only require that members enter their Club membership number to unlock the app.  We do not require an app passcode or a name to unlock.  These are requirements made by other app stores.  At present we have only released our app to Google Play and iTunes app store.


I can't see certificated sites
Select log in on Apple device or unlock on Android device from the icon on the home screen.

I am being asked for an app passcode when I launch the app.
Our app only requires you to enter your membership number to unlock it.  An app passcode is not required.  Currently we have only released our app to Google Play and iTunes app store.